Feb 16, 2010

Violin player gets bad break during snow storm

by Cat Hewett

The snow was thick on the ground the night of Saturday, Jan. 30, as junior Kelly Wakefield walked back to her dorm from practicing her violin in the music hall. Wakefield’s trip took a wrong turn when she slipped and fell outside of the Vines Center.

“My feet just went out from under me,” Wakefield said. “I fell on my elbow.”

Wakefield got up, went back to her dorm and fell asleep.
“I was in denial,” Wakefield said. “I was thinking, ‘I cannot have broken my arm, I am a violinist.’”

The next day, however, Wakefield found out that she had broken her arm just below the elbow. Wakefield got a cast the next day and found out that she would not be able to play for four to five weeks.

Because of her injury, Wakefield has had to drop her instrumental conducting and brass classes. She will also have to graduate a semester later than she had planned.

“I have a four-year scholarship because my parents are missionaries,” Wakefield said. “So, I really wanted to finish in four years.”

One of Wakefield’s teachers directed her to the Student Advocate Office. Wakefield filled out a letter of inquiry and her scholarship was extended to cover her extra semester.

“I think this was God’s answer to my prayers,” Wakefield said. “I was so stressed at the beginning of the semester and this will give me more time to really concentrate on my playing.”

Any student who faces an emergency can contact the Student Advocate Office by calling (434) 582-7200 or e-mailing studentadvocate@liberty.edu.

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