Apr 25, 2006

Sen. George Allen stops in Lynchburg

by Jeremy Wicks, News Reporter

On a whirlwind airborne tour of Virginia, Sen. George Allen briefly stopped in Lynchburg last Thursday, April 13, to formally announce his candidacy for re-election to the United States Senate.

Accompanied by his wife, Susan, Senator Allen spoke outlining his vision for Virginia. His mission had three parts: to secure America’s freedom, to make Virginia a land of opportunity and to preserve Virginia’s values.

Touching on national security and the war on terror, Allen said, “Our strategy needs to be clear: We win, they lose, and there is no substitute for victory.” Allen also said that he supports tuition assistance, better pay, increased death benefits for families and health care benefits for soldiers.

If re-elected, Allen promised to continue fighting to extend the tax cuts which have been set in place during the Bush administration. He also proposed a taxpayer’s bill of rights and expressed support for the Federal Marriage Amendment and its Virginia equivalent.

Allen mentioned his opposition to activist judges who, he said, “legislate from the bench.”

A host of people, including several Liberty students, were waiting to listen to Allen speak at Lynchburg Regional Airport. Liberty graduate State Sen. Steve Newman introduced Allen and others who accompanied him.

Allen’s party included several Republican officials: U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode (R-5th District), U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-6th District), Newman (R-Forest), Del. Kathy Byron (R-Campbell) and Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown.

When Allen was asked if his eye was on the White House in 2008, he said, “It’s very nice and kind that the people I love and respect talk about me running for president, but I tell them to keep their eye on the task at hand.”

The former governor and first-term senator was on a three-day tour of Virginia in which he touched down in 11 different cities including Danville, Winchester and Fredericksburg. The tour ended in Richmond.


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