Sep 15, 2009

Making Strides: LU Dining speeds up odering process

by Amanda Thomason

Liberty began the school year by offering students and faculty various upgrades in the LU Dining services, ranging from the improved dining choices on Main Campus to the top of Liberty Mountain at the new Snowflex facility.

With the number of students rapidly increasing, grabbing a bite to eat in between classes has become a challenging task. One upgrade LU dining has provided are new digital ordering kiosks. Students were able to start using these new kiosks to order their food starting Sept. 1, which will help to expedite the order process.

These digital ordering kiosks are available at the Hangar, Sub Connection in DeMoss Hall and the Founder’s Food court at Campus North. LU dining hopes to expand the project to include Web ordering in the future, according to Doug Pugh, general manager of Liberty dining services.

“Liberty provides a good variety of food and I can always find something that I want to eat,” transfer student Abigail Walsh said. “The facilities are a lot nicer here than at my old school and there are so many more options. I think the kiosk ordering at Sub Connection sounds really cool and will be very convenient.”

In addition to these new ordering systems, the Reber Thomas Dining Hall has added a variety of healthier choices for students. Fortified water is now part of the beverage line. This flavored water has no calories and contains added vitamins and minerals. The chef staff is preparing more grilled foods than fried foods. With more whole fruits, soy milk and sugar free desserts students now have more choices for eating healthy on campus.

New Executive Chef Craig Halfman is now part of Liberty’s dining staff. Halfman has over 12 years of experience in campus dining, having worked at Winthrop University and Western Carolina University.

“The dining services have greatly improved since my freshman year. I used to never go to the ‘Rot,’ so I would just eat in my dorm on East Campus. Now I go a few times a week, and I get food at Campus North much more than I have in previous semesters,” junior Mark Misiano said.

Additional upgrades are also present across campus at the Founder’s Food Court where students will find more options in the Classics line. More food options are available for meal swipes. These new changes will help those students that need to get food on the go but do not have points to spend. A large garden salad and Caesar salad have been added to the meal swipe options at Campus North, according to Chuck Faulkinberry, resident district manager of Liberty dining services.

LU Dining Services work hard each year to ensure the best services they can provide for the student body. By conducting surveys, holding focus groups and even forming a Student Board of Directors, LU Dining attempts to make improvements on campus each semester, according to Faulkinberry.

“Change is constantly happening in dining services. We try to change with every group of incoming students arriving each fall,” Faulkinberry said. “New students have a new perspective of what’s in and what’s not. Our job in dining is to listen and work with students to bring about improvements that make for a better experience while each student is here.”

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