Apr 21, 2009

Center4ME salutes hard work with awards, scholarships

by Sarah Blanzy

A variety of students and faculty were honored with scholarships and recognition on Friday at the 14th annual Achievement Awards, sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Enrichment (Center4ME) and held downtown.

The first and one of the most noteworthy awards was the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which went to LU Online Student Kyla Gleason and resident freshman Krystal Heard. This award provides each recipient with a full college scholarship from Bill and Melinda Gates, and was presented by Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.

Another award was Freshman of the Year, which was also given to Krystal Heard, whose family traveled from Baton Rouge, La for the banquet. In her acceptance speech, Heard referenced Luke 12:48: “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Faculty and staff members received awards as well. Evelyn Tomlin was honored with Staff of the Year, and Edmund Gomes received the Dr. Allen McFarland Award of Excellence.

“Dr. Allen McFarland is a true champion for Christ, and to win ... is an honor,” Gomes said.

The final award of the evening was the Achievement Award, which went to senior Eric Oliver. The recipient of this award must have an overall 3.5 GPA or higher and was selected through a process of interviews. Oliver received $1,000 which was donated through the efforts of the Parent Development Board of Liberty.

Junior Nia Anderson was the recipient of both the SOAR Achievement Award and the TEAM Scholarship. Anderson appreciates the Center4ME Annual Awards Banquet and says it is “something that helps people to see what people have accomplished. There is more than meets the eye. Always keep your guard up because you never know who is watching you.”

The evening was organized by the Associate Director of the Center4ME, Amy Teer. Throughout the night, attendees were entertained by musicians Richie Righteous, Six Chasing Seven, Ordained, the dance teams Gloriously Ruined and D.O.A. and the STOMP-esque group called Junkyard.

University administrators, faculty and staff including Dr. Ron Godwin, Dwayne Carson, and Dr. Lew Weider presented awards.
Dr. Mark Hine, founder of the Center4ME and Vice President of Student Affairs, provided the closing remarks of the evening.

“The sign of a healthy organization is its ability to celebrate. We spent this evening celebrating the accomplishments of well deserving students, faculty and staff. Congratulations to the nominees and award winners,” Hine said.

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