Nov 11, 2008

Time to choose: G1 or iPhone?

by Tina Clark

For those who have a hard time understanding the pros and cons of both the G1 and the iPhone, here are some specifics.

The G1’s Web site, reports the phone comes equipped with a touch screen, a flip-out keyboard, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. also says the G1 comes with several preloaded programs such as Google Search, You Tube and Gmail.
“Out of the box it has access to Amazon’s MP3 download store, but you’ll need to download a video player from the Android Market,” according to

Senior and store manager for Simply Wireless Travis Smith explains that the G1 carries an open source feature that allows “unlimited data capabilities.” He said the open-source feature makes it possible to download applications to the phone free of charge, which is not limited to the applications on your phone.

“I can manage my bank account, watch TV and search for movies directly from the main menu on my phone,” Smith said.
In contrast to its competitor, Apple’s iPhone, the design of the G1 is not as thin. explains the “HTC Corporation was aiming for a better functionality and a much better feel in your hand.” However, said both phones have a five-hour talk time. PCWorld also said even though the battery is the same, the G1 only has 130 hours of standby against the iPhone’s 300. explains the phones also differ in how music is downloaded. The site says the iPhone’s music comes from iTunes, and the G1 receives its music through Amazon MP3. While the G1 operates through the Android system, the iPhone works through its own operating system built by Apple, according to said

“Since the iPhone was launched 15 months ago it has defined, for many, what a smart phone experience should be …T-Mobile gives the iPhone a run for its money…,” said.

“I’ve had the blackberry curve and the iPhone. The G1 outperforms both in numerous areas,” Smith said.

However, a few things give the iPhone an upper hand over the G1. Smith has one major complaint about his new G1. His dissatisfaction is that he is not able to receive e-mail notifications.

“You actually have to check your e-mail,” Smith said.

The T-Mobile G1, produced by HTC is available for $179 with a two-year contract. The G1 is still being sold at a lower price than the iPhone, which is available for between $200 and $300.

“From the details that have emerged today regarding the G1, Apple now has a reason to be looking over its shoulder,” stated


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