Nov 11, 2008

Election Day: Not just voting anymore

by Betsy Abraham

Election day was full of choices. Not only were students able to choose whom they wanted to vote for, but they also had to decide what to do with the day off. For many students, the day’s main event was voting.

Buses shuttled students from various locations around campus to the voting booths at Heritage Elementary School all day. Jeremey Cox, a freshmen and first-time voter, thought the buses were a tremendous help.

“They need to do that every (election),” Cox said.

Many students tried to get out as early as possible to avoid long lines, especially since the polls in Virginia closed at 7 p.m. Freshman Melanie Fowler said she was happy classes were cancelled because “it gave everyone an opportunity to go out and vote so they wouldn’t have to worry about conflicting class schedules.”

Besides voting, different events occurred all around campus to make sure that the day was unforgettable. Students showed off their muscles at the bench press competition held in the LaHaye Student Center. The seven winners received gift certificates, bragging rights and had their names featured on the “Wall of Champions.”

LaHaye also hosted a video game tournament where students played Madden ’09. The three winners acquired gift certificates of varying amounts to Gamestop. The first and second place winners also won a copy of the game. Students Antwaun Stuart and Jeff Chism played against each other, both hoping to win the grand prize.

“Practice makes perfect,” Stuart said as he picked his team, the Cowboys.

Double-feature movies were featured in the Tilley Center and East Clubhouse. Students relaxed in the Tilley with “The Bourne Identity” and “Bourne Supremacy,” while those at the East Clubhouse watched “Cinderella Man” and “Field Of Dreams.”

Another event many students participated in was open dorms. From 2-5 p.m., students were able to go into the dorms of friends of the opposite gender. Students visited friends all over campus and enjoyed being able to spend time with friends in their own rooms.

The Reber-Thomas Dining Hall was full of Election Day festivities. Students sang karaoke during lunch and were able to view live election results during dinner on a big-screen TV projection. The day ended with an election party hosted by Student Activities in the Vines Center at 8:30 p.m.

Students played a wide assortment of games, ranging from Pacman to Rock Band. Sounds of Liberty sang the national anthem and students also enjoyed a performance by Humble TIP.

Throughout the night, extravagant prizes such as XBOX 360s, PS3s, and iPods were given out to students. Student Activities worker Julie Smith said the event was meant to bring students from different sides together. “Having the news available (on the big screens) lets students be informed, and we just want them to have fun,” Smith said.


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