Sep 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike hits home for Life! Editor

by Amanda Sullivan

Members of the Sullivan family, my family, gathered around the kitchen table to play a game of Phase 10. Inside the house, all seemed normal. Outside, whirling winds and heavy rain began to beat on the bay windows as Hurricane Ike introduced itself to the Houston community on Sept. 13. The storm ravaged my home and the homes of families in my city, leaving them without power and water.

Lingering thoughts of whether my family should have evacuated rather than ride out the storm surfaced in my parents’ minds as the storm progressed. On the flip side, I was forced to endure the storm from Lynchburg, Va. – apart from my family. I continued to keep tabs on Hurricane Ike and the damage left in its wake through online news sources.

The feeling of being disconnected had never been so real as I waited for confirmation that my family and friends made it safely through the storm. The next morning, I turned on my computer and surfed my way over to, The Houston Chronicle’s Web site.

Looking at the pictures of damaged homes, downed power lines and flooded streets my heart sank. Houston is my town, and it was in disrepair. However, nothing could have prepared me for the images that I saw of Galveston, Texas – a city 45 minutes from my home. The city has been thrown into utter turmoil as much of it was washed away in Ike’s aftermath.

The images of residents standing in piles of rubble that used to be their homes will not leave my mind’s eye for some time. The inhabitants of Galveston, Texas lost more than just their homes and belongings; they lost their first-date places, their favorite restaurants and social hot-spots. These people lost the little things in life that are now forever tucked into their memories.According to, Hurricane Ike claimed the lives of 61 people in the United States. In addition to the lives lost, Ike has left thousands of people homeless and without power. Much of the Houston area may be without power until Oct. 1. Furthermore, it may be six months before Galveston residents can begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Regardless of the damage done, Houston has banded together to provide shelter, water and gasoline to residents of the affected areas. Many people must wait in line for several hours with gas cans to obtain gasoline. Most residents are not using the gasoline to fuel their cars but to power generators, which in turn power their homes.

I have no doubt in my mind that Houston and Galveston will take the necessary steps to rebuild. The residents’ lives will eventually be restored, and life will go on. In the mean time, continue to support Texas. Organizations such as the Red Cross,, the North American Mission Board (, Convoy of Hope ( and will provide more information on how citizens can lend a helping hand to those still recovering.

For more information on Hurricane Ike and the progress of Houston and Galveston, visit


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