Feb 2, 2010

Student Activities offers more freedom

by Casey Overcash

The “Do it yourself” (DIY) feature was added to the Student Activities Web site as a helpful tool for all Liberty University students looking for new and exciting ways to spend their time here in Lynchburg.

The DIY link was started years ago because it was apparent to the Student Activities Department that it could not provide everything it wanted to for students because of time, money and staff constraints, according to Associate Director of Student Activities Alese Chandler.

“We first started posting DIYs in the Champion. DIYs were mostly outdoor activities and sports,” Chandler said.

Recently the Student Activities staff started posting DIYs on the Liberty University Web site. The most recent update to DIY Student Activities is downtown Richmond. Student Activities said it is a fun destination for students, because of its historical locations and a large selection of shopping centers.

“Students like to be active, but not always with us. Rather than just limiting student entertainment to organized functions with our department, we wanted to offer more,” Chandler said.

According to Chandler, the DIY feature provides a good, positive experience for students in and around the community. The Student Activities Department believes some of the best of times at Liberty University can be taking adventures, exploring the outdoors, participating in downtown events and learning the rich history of Virginia.

Another place DIY informed students about was Downtown Lexington, which is filled with entertainment and shops. Visitors can try coffee shops like Java 23 and the Lexington Coffee Shop. The Lee Chapel and Museum are also found in Lexington.

DIY not only gives students a full description of Virginia destinations, it has Web site links connected to the description.

“Every DIY is something we’ve experienced ourselves. I was fortunate enough to have several Resident Assistants (RAs) during my time at Liberty University that took it upon themselves to take us first year or second year students for a hike or to a hole-in-the-wall diner,” Chandler said.

“Thomas Jefferson’s summer house is in Popular Forest, right here in Lynchburg on Forest Road and many students don’t know about it. It’s beautiful especially in spring and summer.

They give tours in Thomas Jefferson’s house and it has amazing historical value,” junior Amber Davis said.

For more information about DIY visit liberty.edu/ultimatelu and click on the “Do It Yourself” link.

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at cmovercash@liberty.edu.

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