Feb 27, 2007

Are SUVs causing global warming?

by Will Mayer, Opinion
Every time the nightly news airs there is some sort of product on the market, which after fed to a rat for three years, has been proven as a cause of cancer. Global warming on the other hand, when tested on rats, has a 100 percent mortality rate—that is, if you test the deadliness of global warming by placing the rats into microwave ovens.

In fact, if the world were transformed to match the conditions inside microwave ovens, life would cease to exist. According to many leading scientists and “experts” like Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom, the world is indeed on its way to its boiling point, and it is carbon emitters like SUVs and factories that are to blame. Here are a few reasons to believe otherwise.

First — Sun Flare Data. According to the American Institute of Physics, “a recent study by researchers at Duke University and the Army Research Office has found new evidence of a link between solar flare activity and the earth's temperature.”

That means that an increase in energy produced by the sun directly correlates to increases in temperatures on the earth. That makes sense, but if that were true wouldn’t the other planets in our solar system be affected also? That brings up point number two.

Second — the climate changes of Mars. Our nearby planetary neighbor Mars has also been undergoing some climatic changes recently. Space.com published an article that said, “Mars may be in the midst of a period of profound climate change, according to a new study that shows dramatic year-to-year losses of snow at the south pole.” An article from the Hartland Institute quotes a NASA study that concluded that “the planet Mars is undergoing significant global warming.” So unless our little space rovers are emitting enough carbon to melt the Martian pole, scientists need to look at some other element than carbon to blame the rising heat on. Unless, of course, the upcoming Transformers movie speaks of things to come and it’s those “robots in disguise” that are cranking out the greenhouse gasses necessary to overheat Mars.

Third — the Medieval Warm Period. “Norse seafaring and colonization around the North Atlantic at the end of the 9th century was generalized as proof that the global climate then was warmer than today,” according to the National Satellite and Information Service Web site. Coincidently, there were no large carbon emitters at this time, instead the period is said to have correlated with a peak in solar activity, just like the one the solar system is experiencing currently.

Fourth — there is what is known as the Global Cooling Scare.  In an article published in the India Times, the author stated, “Things were different in 1940-70, when there was global cooling. Every cold winter then was hailed as proof of a coming new Ice Age. But the moment cooling was replaced by warming, a new disaster in the opposite direction was proclaimed.”

What happened to the Global Cooling problem? Did our increase in carbon emissions save the world from a coming ice age?  

If the climate of the entire planet can be altered that drastically and that quickly, might I make a suggestion? Let’s make it mandatory for every citizen who owns a refrigerator to leave it open for one hour on a specified date. Then, perhaps, our global warming problem will be solved.

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