Mar 9, 2010

From the desk

by Amanda Sullivan

March is finally here, which is exciting to me for several reasons. The first reason is that March 10 marks the day of my birth. The second reason is that a much-needed reprieve from school known as Spring Break is almost upon us. Finally, March, for the most part, begins the spring season, which implies that the sun will be shining with full force soon – I hope as I miss seeing my toes, since I can only wear close-toed shoes in this dismal weather we’ve been having.

Apparently, the spring season also means that the wedding/baby epidemic has intensified, at least according to my Facebook notifications. Almost every time I log onto the social networking site, a little red box pops up, telling me that another one of my friends has changed his or her status from “so-and-so is in a relationship with so-and-so” to “so-and-so is engaged to so-and-so.”

For the most part, I am genuinely happy for my friends who will soon embark on an adventure of wedded bliss. However, a girl can only be expected to handle so many engagements, weddings and babies in a certain amount of time.

Yesterday alone, three friends changed their Facebook statuses to engaged, another friend announced she and her husband were expecting baby number two and my good friend from high school proudly announced that she was “going to the chapel and gonna get married.”

I feel that the spring love bug has bitten a few more individuals than usual — maybe the feeling should be credited to the fact that I am a senior, and I am probably not going to get “my ring by spring.” The saying might not mean much for students who have not been at Liberty for at least four years. However, those of us who are seniors remember when Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. used to proudly proclaim, “ring by spring or your money back.”

You would think that Dr. Falwell’s proclamation would discourage tying the knot while attending Liberty in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, un-engaged persons would reclaim some of their tuition money — not so much. I think it has spurned a wedding revolution.

Normally, Liberty boys do not make my list of “ingeniously creative boys” if only because they use pathetically weak pick up lines like “Would you like to go somewhere and pray?” No, I do not want to go pray with you, Mr. Creeper. Speaking of creepers brings up the stalking tendencies of which Liberty boys partake. Boys, we know when you follow us around, start showing up at the Rot when we go to lunch and when you “casually” walk by our classroom right as class ends. You are not very subtle.

However, I will concede that the men at Liberty tend to have some creative proposal ideas, that is, once they get over stalking the girl they like and move forward with a real relationship. Guys, we as girls appreciate this gesture. So as the end of another semester is drawing near, do me a favor and wait to propose until the fall semester — unless you are Michael and Brittany because I am okay with your proposal finally taking place. Yes, Mike, this is a big hint.

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