Sep 23, 2008

Max Vol. 2- Assault on Liberty Mountain

by Jennifer Bowman

Ready, Set, Go! Hundreds of Cyclists took part in the “Assault on Liberty Mountain” race Saturday. The bike racewill also be included in the upcoming movie “Max VO2,” which filmed during the live race.

The race began at 11 a.m., Saturday Sept. 20, and took place on the Liberty Mountain Trail System.

“The Liberty Mountain Trail System consists of over 65 miles of single and double track trails and logging roads spanning approximately 5,000 acres,” according to Liberty’s trail information Web site. Many people were at the race on Saturday including those starring in the film “Max VO2.”

“For all of the racing classes, there were over 72 medals awarded to the cyclists,” Lars Larson said. Larson, one of the coordinators for the race helped greatly with the organization of the race and also renovated the trail extensively.

“I have worked on the trail since back in December. There are over 65 miles of trail total, however, the professional cyclist route is only 19.1 miles.” Larson said.

There were many cyclists at the race including an an actor and a professional cyclist who are starring in the movie.

“In my 18 years of cycling, I have raced all over the United States and the world,” two-time U.S. National Cycling Champion Jeremiah Bishop said. Bishop’s national champion status was earned in Short Track racing and Marathon Bike Racing.

Bishop, a professional cyclist, was contacted by Producer Scotty Curlee to help out with the upcoming movie “Max VO2.” “Scotty contacted me because he felt that the movie needed realistic action scenes, I will be doing a few tricks wile racing the trail too,” Bishop said. Not only did Curlee contact Bishop, but he also contacted actor Michael Cuddire. Cuddire, a resident of New York, is playing the character Jake in the movie.

“I found out about this opportunity to star in the movie on the Internet when I then contacted Scotty about it,” Cuddire said. “I have also had 19 years of experience with bikes and cycling.” Cuddire is one of the main characters in the movie and seemed very excited to have this opportunity. Producer Scotty Curlee was also at the race and starring in the film.

“There are several actors who will be a part of the race, and the film will be shot as live racing,” Curlee said. “There will not be any special stunts performed here.”

In the movie, there are many fictitious elements. Bishop, sponsored by Trek Volkswagen, also has fictitious sponsors in the movie.
“Red Reaction and H20 One are the two sponsors whose teams are duking it out in the movie,” Bishop said.

Overall, the race was a success and the filming went smoothly. “Most of the filming took place during Sunday’s race,” Curlee said. “The filming will be completed by the end of the event this weekend.”

The trail was a great resource for the movie and for the cyclists to use. Local cyclists and Liberty students from all classes were given the chance to race for medals. Also, the movie production progressed, bringing the movie one step closer to completion.

For more information about Liberty Mountain Trail System, go to

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