Mar 4, 2008

Students take communion with Christ, reflect on word

by Natalie Lozano

Students from around Lynchburg who gathered in the Vines Center for Campus Church’s communion service on Feb. 27 were given more than the symbolic bread and juice.
The message from Campus Pastor Dwayne Carson presented participants with personal challenges related to the prior week’s emphasis on missions.
Students who entered the Vines Center on Wednesday night were surrounded with a global atmosphere as posters representing each country were taped to the walls. Spiritual Life Directors (SLDs) from each dorm made two posters for each country and placed one on either side of the glass entrances. Students were encouraged to walk around and pray for the countries as they entered. The floor of the Vines Center featured outlines of the continents, giving students the opportunity to pray for a region of the world while they were “in” it.
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