Oct 14, 2008

Branded roads fire up Flames spirit

by Matthew Coleman

A total of nine new school logos have been recently stamped on the streets of Liberty in an effort to increase school spirit and give further recognition to the athletic teams.

Administrators were behind the decision, believing it would add to the school’s aesthetic appeal and contribute to school spirit. The project required the joint efforts of Grounds Maintenance Manager Randy Johnson and Assistant Auxiliary Services Director Bryan Evans.

A special material and process was required to adhere the logos to the asphalt.

“(We used) a thermo plastic vinyl material that is 90mm thick and is heated to 325 degrees as they are applied,” Johnson said. “We heated it with a propane blowtorch.”

Like many other colleges, such as UVa, Virginia Tech and Lynchburg College, the decals serve to distinguish Liberty from other colleges out there by adding to the distinct look and feel created on Liberty’s campus.

“It makes (Liberty) look more unique, like an actual college campus,” sophomore Sean McGuire said.

The athletics department originally wanted to paint the logos on the ground for the sake of building athletic recognition before the beginning of this school year last year, but the road conditions last semester would not allow for it.

“I (originally) discouraged the idea due to the conditions of the road, and the fact that paint will wear off much more readily,” Johnson said. “When we re-paved the roads, it opened up the possibility to use the thermo plastics.”

Now there are eight Flames logos spread out from the football stadium to the Vines Center and one giant “LU” in front of the Elmer L. Towns Religion Hall.

Student opinions varied on the new addition. “My first impression when I saw them was that they are a complete waste of money,” senior Skip Allen said. “They look nice now, but some are already showing signs of wear and tear.”

Freshman basketball player Austin Smith had a positive outlook on the new decals.

“I just think that they’re cool and nice-looking,” Smith said. “They’re better-looking than the regular road.”


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