Mar 30, 2010

Arguing with myself Health Care Reform

by Tim Mattingly

Pro Health Care

To the boos and hoos of many Conservative gurus, national health care reform was signed into law. But now is not the time to cry, so dry your eyes Glenn Beck. And Sean Hannity, do not don the sack cloths and ashes you have hidden in your political closet — our country will be okay.
In fact, there are aspects of the health care bill that will benefit the American people.
The new health care bill addresses the unethical practices of insurance companies denying coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. An infant in Texas recently illustrated the importance of this reform, when after his birth he was denied health insurance because he was born with a heart defect, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
“How can he have a pre-existing condition if the baby didn’t exist until now?” the infant’s father said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
In this respect, the new health care bill is pro-baby, prohibiting health insurance companies from denying children coverage due to previous defects in their physical well-being, according to CBS. This health insurance imperative to protect children will go into effect in six months and will also be extended to Americans of all ages in 2014, according to CBS. Additionally, health insurance can no longer be revoked from individuals just because they get sick, according to CBS.
Under America’s new health care platform, grandma can finally knit in peace, knowing that if she survives to 2014, President Barack Obama has got her back.
Another feather in the fedora of Obama-care is the impact it will have on lower-income Americans — those who cannot afford health care for themselves or their families.
The problem with our nation’s health care system in the past has been its crippling effect on the poor. It is quite common for people to fall prey to sickness or injury, and as a result, become hospitalized for an extended period of time.
As the hospital bills stack up, many uninsured Americans become buried in debt. In effect, the poor must choose between bankruptcy or becoming imprisoned to a life in the lower-income bracket.
Recognizing this, the new health care legislation reaches out to those who cannot afford medical coverage. The bill is designed to extend coverage to an additional 32 million legal American citizens, according to CBS. Subsidies will also be made available in order to accommodate low-income families who cannot afford health care, according to CBS.
In the end, there will be some discontent no matter what health care bill was passed. But aspects of our current national health care infrastructure were damaged and broken. If no action was taken, it would only be a matter of time before it collapsed.
The bottom line is that both political parties, for many years now, have been harping on health care. Reform has been a banner which many officials have been elected under but until now, nothing has changed. If Republicans think they could have done a better job, then they should have when they had the majority.
Up until now, health care reformists have been all talk and no action. It is high time politicians finally shut their mouths and actually pulled the trigger.

Con Health Care

I would like to take this time to thank national health care reform for opening the seventh seal of our economic apocalypse. I hate waiting games and there is nothing that cuts to the chase of our financial demise like spending another trillion dollars.
To be exact, the estimated financial weight of America’s newly passed health care reform is $940 billion, spread out over 10 years, according to CBS. To a nation that is already trillions in debt, this reform could prove to be an economic death knell.
And dashing utopian health care dreams, full of rabbits and rainbow sprinkles, is the fact that taxpayers will be picking up the new bill’s tab. By 2012, Obama-care is calling for additional 3.8 percent “investment income” tax on families who make over $250,000 a year, according to CBS.
But hard-working families are not the only ones feeling the financial pinch of the new health care plan — businesses are being hit hard as well. Under this new bill, any company employing over 50 people must provide health insurance or face an annual fine of $2000 per employee, according to CBS.
Following the passing of the health care reform, AT&T announced that as a direct result of the bill, it would be “forced to make a $1 billion writedown,” according to the Wall Street Journal. In other words, AT&T’s financial assets just took a steep nosedive and it is not the only company in this predicament, according to the Wall Street Journal.
In this way, the bill is a direct attack on employers, when national unemployment is already through the roof. Not only does the bill leech from the wallets of the hard-working and wealthy, but by doing so it also decreases incentives for companies to hire
new employees.
Furthermore, this gross redistribution of wealth is a case of Robin Hood gone awry. At the very least, the Democrats could have the common courtesy to admit the ridiculousness of this bill by trouncing about Washington in tights, while belting out song in impeccable British accents.
Not only are we brow-deep in debt and taxes but this new legislation will also infringe on our personal freedoms.
In fact, Americans will be forced to comply with the new bill or be fined. By 2014, the uninsured citizen will be bludgeoned with an annual fine of $695, according to CBS.
Basically, Americans will be punished if they decide not to follow the government-paved path for their life.
In addition, many of the “benefits” from health care reform will not kick in until 2014 and the Democrats’ reasoning behind this only makes matters worse.
“It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people,” Democratic Congressman John Dingell said, when asked about the delayed 2014 date, according to the Examiner.
It is apparent that in exchange for universal health care, hard-working Americans must simply sacrifice more money to the tax gods, while simultaneously forfeiting their personal freedoms.

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