Mar 30, 2010

No fire at LU Online

by Emily DeFosse

Daily routines at Campus North were interrupted Monday afternoon when the building was evacuated after smoke was detected in the Liberty University Online (LUO) office.

According to LUO Assistant Director Phil Milakovic employees were sitting at their desks taking calls when they began to smell burnt rubber and smoke started entering the office.

According to Chief of Police for Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) Col. Richard D. Hinkley there was lots of smoke in the LUO office when LUPD arrived on the scene so the building was evacuated and the fire department was called.

After the fire department determined the building was safe to reenter, maintenance teams went to work to determine the source of the problem in the LUO office.

Assistant Maintenance Manager Jerry W. Childress supervised the investigation.

“What we think happened is we had a ballast burn up in one of the light fixtures … and that created the smoke,” Childress said. “We are still trying to locate it. We found one that was bad, but that does not mean it is the only one.”

Maintenance workers had to check every light in the LUO office for ballasts to ensure that the problem was fixed and would not repeat itself.

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