Mar 9, 2010

The one-sided health care summit

by Ethan Massey

If ever there was a productive bipartisan meeting of politicians it certainly was not at the president’s health care summit.

President Barack Obama’s Feb. 25 health care summit was intended to find some common ground on the issue of health care reform. Instead, Obama accomplished little more than frustration and making it clear that the Democrats do not need their conservative colleagues.

Among the issues considered at the summit was the use of reconciliation to force the health care bill through Congress, according to CNN. The process of reconciliation would eliminate a Republican filibuster and would require only 51 votes, not 60, for the bill to pass.

While reconciliation seems like a step in the direction of progress, it is truly a political suicide mission for the Democratic Party. Democrats are faced with the choice of putting down the mantra of health care reform or passing a bill that is generally unpopular. While the former would alienate liberals, the latter will whip America into an anti-incumbent witch hunt.

Though the newly forming bill will not be the all-inclusive reform that liberals have been lusting after, it will be adequate to put America on the “right” path, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Fox News. However, the assumption that reform is the way to go implies that the facts are behind Democrats – far behind them.

It has become apparent that Obama has taken a maple leaf from Canada’s book and started wait-listing people, not for medical care, but for the truth. Obama has realized that the facts are not a compulsive force to convince the nation to overhaul one-fifth of the U.S. economy, according to CNN Senior Political Contributor Ed Rollins.

What Americans have not been told is that they will be paying more money for less health care if the reform bill is passed.

Currently, three parties pay for the nation’s health care – the people, the government and the insurance companies. People have a false notion that the government will be taking it on the head for improved health care. Americans simply do not understand that funding for the government budget comes directly from their paycheck.

In addition to being taxed, Americans must pay premiums for insurance coverage – premiums pooled together to pay for medical care. Taxpayers are also the ones paying out of pocket for their insurance deductibles and are ultimately financing Obama’s move toward socialized health care.

Adding over 30 million people into this already expensive health care system would cost taxpayers trillions over time,
according to CNN.

Throwing money at an issue has never done more than bring the greedy running for freebies. Socializing health care will only serve to amplify the current system’s problems and reducing its cost will ultimately reduce the coverage.

In true form, the president plans to spend a ridiculous sum of money to facilitate change. America’s other problems will just have to wait at the bottom of Obama’s list.

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