Sep 30, 2008

LAMP seeks student submissions for upcoming fall publication

by Brandon Gallagher

For those students or alumni who enjoy creative and thought provoking writing, LAMP, the bi-annual school magazine, is seeking submissions from current and former Liberty students who are looking to have their talents and ideas published.

LAMP is a publication that showcases literature, fine arts and critical essays produced entirely by students and alumni. The magazine is published once a semester and is distributed throughout campus and the Lynchburg community in various churches, coffeehouses and other points of community interest.

“The goal for LAMP Magazine is to provide a much needed outlet for students to display their creative and critical abilities for the benefit of their fellow students and the Lynchburg community,” Assistant Editor of LAMP Nick Olson said.

Currently the magazine is seeking submissions.

“LAMP Magazine aims to challenge ‘status quo’ Christians to think more critically and to develop a greater appreciation for the arts. To accomplish this goal we will seek to strike a balance between thoughtfulness and accessibility,” Olson said.

Members of the English, philosophy and graphic-design departments all work together to make LAMP a reality under the supervision of Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, chair of the English department.

LAMP was previously published under the name LAMPLIGHT. The name is not the only thing that has changed. The magazine will boast a more diversified audience and authorship as well as having a completely new format.

Students are advised to avoid submitting negative pieces and works critical of others.

All interested students should submit their work to Ryan Knight, LAMP editor at

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