Nov 14, 2006

Barrick family still recovering

by Joanne Tang, News Editor

More than a week after the head-on collision on Nov. 5 that placed director of alumni affairs Andy Barrick and his family in several hospitals, the family is making strides toward full recovery. 

Andy has had surgery to repair his pelvis, which was severely damaged in the wreck, and will require several more surgeries in the future, according to an e-mail update sent by Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Ron Godwin.

Andy has been transferred from Roanoke Memorial Hospital to the UVa Medical Center in Charlottesville for further treatment and testing.

His wife, Linda, is in improving condition. She underwent surgery on Nov. 7 at Lynchburg General Hospital to treat her broken arm and foot.

 It is expected that Linda will be released soon, according to Godwin.

“She is getting stronger,” said Paula Egel, a family friend. She also said Linda is in excellent spirits.

“(Linda) just has a very strong faith in the Lord that has carried her through,” she said. According to Egel, Linda’s son Josh, 11, who suffered a broken nose and is now staying with friends of the family, has been visiting and has been praying with his mother.

Considering the extent of the accident, Godwin said in the e-mail “The family’s improvement is indeed miraculous.”

According to the News & Advance, Jen, 15, is in a medically induced coma at the UVa Medical Center. Doctors there are treating her for a severe brain injury. According to Godwin, she has been improving.

Corey Peters, the driver of the pickup truck that struck the Barrick family, is still in critical condition at Lynchburg General Hospital and faces a DUI charge. Recent reports from the News & Advance say Peters has a history of violations, ranging from driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and underage possession of alcohol. It was reported in a Nov. 9 article of the News & Advance that Peters had been charged with three DUI offenses in the last six years. Peters was convicted of his first DUI in Dec. 2001 but not his second in May 2003. According to Virginia law, a third DUI charge can be counted as a Class 6 felony charge if the previous two were convictions.

The Barrick family is requesting special prayer for Peters and his family.

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