Nov 10, 2009

Piece of Berlin Wall finds home at Liberty

by Tiffany Edwards

The Berlin Wall was destroyed on Nov. 9, 1989, by Germans who had been deprived of their freedom for far too long. Twenty years later, a piece of that wall has been brought back to Liberty and put on display in the Grand Lobby of DeMoss Hall by the Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Bruce K. Bell.

Bell went on a tour of Europe in May 2009 with a group of 45 Liberty students, alumni, staff and faculty. The trip included a three-day tour of Berlin, where the group was able to visit the remaining blocks of the Berlin Wall left as a memorial. The group was allowed to re-enact the destruction of the wall, as well as chip off pieces to keep as souvenirs.

“One piece of the Berlin Wall is especially unique and appropriate for Liberty University,” Bell said. Impressed by the caliber of the students from Liberty, tour director Chris Morrison found a piece of the wall that he recognized immediately and chose to honor the university. The piece of the wall bears the inscription, “Liberty!”

Bell then presented the fist-sized piece of the wall to Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr., who had an exhibit built to display the piece in DeMoss Hall. The exhibit will also display pictures of the group that visited Berlin when the piece of the wall was found.

“It is fitting that the display of the Berlin Wall should be presented during the week of Veterans Day, since so many veterans stood guard in Berlin and around the world during the Cold War … There is no symbol of the Cold War that is more tangible than the Berlin Wall,” Bell said.

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