Feb 12, 2008

Life! examines local restuarants in search of the perfect place to dine on Valentine's Day

by Claire Melsi
Every girl who has put sweat, blood and tears into laboring towards her “M.R.S.” degree has most likely been waiting all year for the upcoming holiday. Thursday marks the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day, and it would be a terrible shame to leave even a single one of these optimistic beauties disappointed. Images of interlaced fingers, dim candlelight and all things pink have been floating through their heads for months now.

Although by most standards of the “M.R.S.” program preparations should already have been made, fear not. Here are a few suggestions that will help the last-minute mister pull off the perfect evening.

Main Street Eatery is a charming location for couples looking to enjoy the quaint atmosphere of historic downtown. Serving everything from oven-roasted quail to Buffalo strip steak, the pricing of the “classic continental and new American cuisine” is reasonable at about $30 per person. Sleek wooden floors and red brick walls are accented by lights hanging from the ceiling. Make reservations by calling (434) 847-2526.

For those looking to pick up a smaller meal before heading out for a night of excitement, Dish, located at 1120 Main Street, is just the place. The eatery serves small portions of high quality cuisine. Users of Yelp.com suggest the Mediterranean dish and rave over the “ambiance and décor.” Between the exceptional food, eye-catching teal-colored walls and pleasant atmosphere, meals run around $20 to $30 per person. Reservations are recommended. Call (434) 528-0070.

Offering the glamour of a larger city nestled inside of an old brick building, Shoemaker’s Fine Dining Restaurant, located at 1312 Commerce Street, makes for a fantastic date. Leafy green plants break up the sleek appeal of black leather booths. Students will spend quite a bit more here than they would on a Chick-Fil-A run, with dinner for one around $30 to $50. Reservations may be secured by calling (434) 455-1510.

A bit farther away rests a gem for those willing to make the drive. Faria’s Twin Oaks, located at 14175 Forest Road, offers an elegant and sophisticated dining experience for around $20 a head. At the top of a curvy driveway lit by old fashioned lampposts lies an old brick building with ivy creeping up its walls. The beauty of high ceilings and smooth wooden floors sandwich an old stone fireplace beaming with warmth. Tables lined with crisp white linens are topped with fresh clipped-flowers and candlelight. To enjoy its menu, featuring anything from asparagus chicken Figaro to Thai beef salad, call (434) 534-6046.

Meriwether’s Market Restaurant is located at 4925 Boonsboro Road and presents beautiful platters, which are, according to their Web site, full of “southern flavor.” Signature dishes such as shrimp, grits and plantation tenderloin are offered at around $20 a meal. Dim lighting and a snug, relaxing atmosphere make this a great get away for two. To make reservations, call (434) 384-3311.

For those looking for something a little less expensive and a little more personal, there are still more options. “My perfect Valentine’s date is anything you can do to make the evening unique and not just the cliché, dressed-up dinner,” senior Brian Mucher said. “Be creative.”

Beware – a successfully planned Valentine’s date may speed up the completion process for obtaining an “M.R.S.” degree. Perhaps this well-thought-out evening of love will secure the romance of a lifetime. Contact Claire Melsi at cvmelsi@liberty.edu.
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