Sep 8, 2009

“God of the Ages” debuts on Billboard charts

by Sarah Blanzy

Travis Doucette, a graduate student at Liberty, composed a song two years ago that is now impacting people across the nation. “God of the Ages” is the title track on the CD that was released Aug. 25 by Charles Billingsley, Thomas Road Baptist Church’s worship leader. The song recently debuted on Billboard’s Christian Inspirational chart at #19 and is climbing, indicating the way it resonates in hearts everywhere as people sing it in worship to God. During the summer of 2007, Doucette was at his home in Canada when he was inspired by the words he read in Colossians 1:15-18.

“As Paul describes the supremacy of Christ in this passage, the weight stirred something in my spirit,” Doucette said. “The impact of these verses in my heart planted a desire in me to express the truth of God’s Word in a congregational song that was a declarative response to who God is.”

The song’s basis in Scripture is the primary reason why Billingsley believes the song is realizing so much popularity.

“God’s Word will not return void,” he said.

The song debuted in the spring of 2008 when Exodus and LU Praise presented it as a special in convocation. It was later performed at TRBC by the Center for Worship at the end of the year program in May 2008. During the program, Thomas Road Pastor Jonathan Falwell was moved by the song and requested it be sung again at the end of the program. He then requested that Billingsley and the TRBC choir and orchestra present the song to the church body.

In February 2009, almost a full year after “God of the Ages” debuted on the mountain, Billingsley decided to make it the title track of his new album. When asked why he made the song the title track, he explained that the Thomas Road congregation and the students at Liberty had fallen in love with it. The goal of the album is to enhance the worship of people, and Billingsley saw how “God of the Ages” was already doing just that. The night the album was recorded there were almost 400 people on the platform, including several world-class musicians from Los Angeles, worshipping the Lord through song.

“It was just an incredibly powerful evening of worship,” Billingsley said. “I guess our biggest concern was making sure that we captured that on this recording…that that beautiful spirit of the evening wasn’t taken away.”

While Billingsley recorded the radio release of “God of the Ages” with a few studio players in Los Angeles, the album was produced right here on the Mountain by the new record company Red Tie Productions. The publishing entity is owned and operated by Billingsley and Liberty University. It is a lifelong project of Billingsley who says he is “fired up” about the good things to come from Red Tie Productions.

“God of the Ages” continues to grow in popularity. It is being played on radio stations around the country and churches are contacting Billingsley’s office every day anxious to use the song in their worship services.

“It just one of those songs when you begin to sing it, there’s an anointing that falls on it … It brings the people of God into the presence of God,” Billingsley said.

Doucette is a graduate student at Liberty who is working on his master’s in Music and Worship studies. He will graduate in 2010. For more information on Doucette and a chance to listen to some of his music, visit and

Charles Billingsley is the worship leader at Thomas Road Baptist Church. He also tours the country ministering through worship concerts. “God of the Ages” is the 18th album that Billingsley has been a part of, and it is his tenth solo project.

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