Sep 30, 2008

Around Liberty in Ninety Words

by Jennifer Schmidt


Students gathered around what may be the first pro-Obama stand to be erected on Liberty’s campus late Monday morning. Throughout the 15 minutes that I spent talking to students at the table, over a dozen signed up for information, others took buttons and a group of four male students began a rousing chant of “Oooooobama, we will overcome.” It was a pleasure to finally see the other side represented in this political debate, and regardless of my own or my staff’s political affiliations, equal attention for both presidential candidates will foster a better environment at Liberty. Open discussion of the candidates should continue to be encouraged throughout campus. Students manning the station said they received official approval from campus administrators, and that they welcomed further dialogue with McCain supporters. One student commented that they had seen a McCain table in DeMoss more than once in the past few weeks, and they wanted to bring attention to Obama as well. As required by law, the administration has extended no less than four opportunities for the Obama campaign to present to the student body.

Fantastic Fiddler

Having grown up watching “Fiddler on the Roof” almost every month as a child, I was very interested to see what a live production would be like and how it would compare to the the movie I had watched so many times. From the sold out shows to the enthusiastic reactions from the crowd, I think it’s safe to say that the theater department’s debut was a smashing success. Kudos to Director Chris Nelson and his phenomenal cast and crew. We are all looking forward to his next show. Considering how fast the tickets sold out, I think it’s a safe time to suggest a larger venue for the expanding theater program. Ever since my first play as a freshman, I’ve scratched my head at the location of the theater. Such a talented department deserves better and larger facilities. Here’s two thumbs up to a great show, and hopes that an expanded theater will be in the plans for the near future.

Webmail Terror

Spamming e-mails have struck Liberty account users yet again. Information Services released a statement warning faculty and students to disregard these messages that state, “We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center. We are deleting all unused webmail account to create more space for new accounts.” The small typo where it states “account” rather than “accounts” and a later reference to “convinience” are indications that such e-mails are false and should be disregarded. Upon receiving one of these, you are advised to never supply any of your personal information. The subject line for this particular e-mail reads, “Confirm your webmail details.” If you have questions regarding these phishing e-mails, please call the HelpDesk at 434-592-7800.

More Parking for Commuters

While I and my staff would like to claim the credit for the carpooling signs that were recently taken down, LUPD was already planning to adjust the amount of reserved spaces before we ever went to press. This fact was missing from last week’s coverage, and we apologize for that. However, we are happy to report that the number of reserved spaces has been significantly reduced thus freeing more available spots for commuters. LUPD has stated that in the future they will add or remove reserved parking for carpoolers as the need arises. Also, approximately 75 spots are now available for commuters in Eagle Run, a parking lot near Schilling and Reber-Thomas. Previously slated for faculty parking, the decision to open it to commuters was announced Monday. The signs will be changed this week.

$95 Better Spent

For the past few weeks, the Champion has been tracking the amount of money that students have doled out for towing fees. Now that the total is well over $30,000, I have to wonder when it will slow down. Hopefully students will begin to recognize and abide by the parking regulations since the penalty has become so steep and so immediate (it can’t get worse than having a car physically removed). I also hope students begin to consider what could be done with $95. Students from last year will remember the jeans offering where David Nasser encouraged students to give the amount that they would typically spend on jeans. I could be wrong, but I think that most jeans cost less than $95. So before parking in the wrong lot, consider for a moment where your money could be better spent.

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