Sep 30, 2008

Helping the world one hand at a time

by Elisabeth Garman

All over the world, people are starving for a helping hand to lift them up in times of hardship. As natural disasters and poverty run rampant across the globe it is important to reach out to our fellow human being.

Twenty Liberty students assisted the local non-profit organization Gleaning for the World (GFTW) on Wednesday Sept. 10. Even through inclement weather, students were determined to help load the 26-foot truck at Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC), with supplies such as paper products, baby products and bottled water.

On Wednesday there was a special collection for supplies to bring to the hurricane victims from both Gustav and Ike in Texas. GFTW also works in over 54 countries, helping in both crisis and poverty relief.

The organization is located just outside of Lynchburg and provides supplies in times of natural disasters.

“Together, we can and have made a difference. We give God all the glory for it,” said Ismael LaBiosa, the director of communications at GFTW.

The Bible states in Proverbs 19:17 that “he who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done.”
It is our responsibility, as Christians, to give back to God some of what he has blessed us with, whether it is time, talents or finances. There are difficult times throughout the world, yet many people whine about not being able to find a parking spot in the morning or having to wait in line to buy a cup of coffee. These little inconveniences sometimes ruin someone’s whole day.

I challenge you to look at those who lost their homes, vehicles and perhaps every material possession due to the recent hurricanes. Thank God that though your car may be towed, at least there is a possible way to retrieve it. Thank God when you wait in the line at Jazzman’s for 20 minutes, at least you have been blessed with food to eat. Over three billion people in the world live on less than $2.50 per day, and at least 80 percent of humanity lives on less than $10 per day, according to Anup Shaw of

In our day-to-day lives many people tend to forget how blessed we are, as we do not typically have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. This comfort is in stark contrast to those in third-world countries who eat cookies made out of dirt to fill their stomachs to numb the hunger pains. On average 26,500-30,000 children die each day due to poverty, according to UNICEF.
The majority of humanity lives by a much lower standard than any of us could ever imagine. However, many Americans are so absorbed in their own lives that they fail to notice the suffering of others.

It is important to help out in any way we can and not to just fulfill a Christian service requirement for graduation. By supporting churches and organizations like GFTW, we can stand for positive change in the local and global community.


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