Oct 27, 2009

To the Desk: Scott Garrett: conservative values

by Caleb Mast

Caleb Mast
College Republicans

Dr. Scott Garrett is the Republican candidate seeking to be the Lynchburg City Delegate in Richmond. He has earned the trust of more than 13,000 of his patients as a general surgeon, and of the thousands of citizens in Lynchburg who gave him the Republican nomination for delegate in June. If trust is the pivotal point of the election on Nov. 3, Garrett is the obvious choice over his opponent.

Trustworthiness is the key to earning citizens’ votes. In his professional career, prior to becoming a Lynchburg city councilman, Garrett had many opportunities to prove himself trustworthy. He was successful in doing so as a surgeon and as a member of city council has continued to be a friend to Liberty University and the Lynchburg community. With an established reputation for trustworthiness, as a surgeon and councilman in Lynchburg, Garrett has earned our trust, and our votes on
Nov. 3.

Consistency is a prerequisite to earning anyone’s trust. Garrett has a record that is consistent with what he advocates: He believes we should return to conservative principles in government. He holds the self-evident conviction that all life, from conception to natural death, is a sacred gift of God to be protected and cherished, even in times of inconvenience, pain or suffering. He believes in returning more control of local taxation to the people, so they can make the decision on whether to increase the local tax rate or not.

Contrary to Garrett’s consistently conservative positions are the inconsistent positions of his opponent — Valentine. Valentine is most well known for sponsoring legislation to take government funding out of certain companies that trade goods and services with the government of Sudan, which has been committing genocide against the people of Darfur, an unfortunate and isolated people in the middle of Africa. This effort, which seeks to save innocent people from genocide, is inconsistent with support for abortion-providers, who perform an unseen genocide against the unborn in Virginia.

While Valentine uses every legislative opportunity to stop genocide in Africa, she refuses to use every opportunity to stop abortion. Garrett’s opponent even refused to approve House Bill 1883, a bill that would have put a financial burden on the abortion industry by requiring abortion clinics to prove they complied with state Health Board standards and receive licenses to perform abortions. This bill was important enough to the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) Pro-Choice Virginia that they marked its chief patron (Delegate Bob Marshall) with a “0” on their scorecard of pro-choice legislators, while awarding Valentine with a “100” for voting against the bill.

Garrett’s opponent has been inconsistent when voting for a measure that would return more power to the people over the meal tax. House Bill 2315 would have required cities in Virginia to refer city meal tax increases to city residents for their approval if the increase would cause the tax rate to exceed 5.5 percent. Valentine intended to vote against this bill, but accidentally voted for it, according to the official General Assembly legislative Web site. A politician that thinks the people should not have a say in the increase of the taxes they pay is a politician that needs to go.

Make your decision to vote on Nov. 3 by looking to the candidate who most matches your beliefs about the role of government. I’ll be supporting Scott Garrett because he most agrees with my conservative values. I do not want to advance anything short of a completely conservative agenda.

Contact Caleb Mast at volunteerLUCR@gmail.com.


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