Feb 26, 2008

Will Doggett, playing with the Campus Praise Band is a lifestyle

by Aubrey Blankenship

Will Doggett, the lead guitar player for the Campus Praise Band, loves God and loves music, and the Campus Praise Band has provided opportunties for him to use his talents for God in ways that he could not if he was trying to minister alone.  Although Doggett does not prefer the limelight and enjoys his role as “a background guy,” he knows his music needs to be shared.
“People are impacted by the songs and I can’t do that while sitting in my room alone,” Doggett said.
Doggett is awed by God’s salvation and leading in his life.
“It’s been a huge God thing that I’ve been on the band,” Doggett said. “I can look back and see evidence that God has prepared each step in my life. I felt the Lord place a calling on my life to use music as ministry.”
Twenty-one years old and a Liberty senior, Doggett has played for the Campus Praise Band for the past four years. Since coming to Liberty, he has allowed God to use his musical abilities in ways both large and small.
He enjoyed traveling across the United States last summer, playing electric guitar and leading music at summer camps, and he currently teaches guitar to a Liberty Christian Academy student.
Doggett would not be studying and playing guitar at Liberty if God had not turned his life around in high school.
“I grew up and started going to church fairly often when in middle school,” Doggett said. “There was no real life change until the summer before my senior year. I heard someone preach on kids who grow up in the church, but who don’t see a life change. I examined my heart, put my head down and raised my hand.”
He visited Liberty and both he and his parents felt it was where God wanted him to be.
“My parents fell in love with it (Liberty) and said, ‘We will do whatever it takes to get you there,’” Doggett said.
Since his freshman year, the friendships between the Campus Praise Band members have upheld and encouraged Doggett.
“My favorite aspect (of playing in the Band) is the fellowship of the people in the band. We’re great friends and get along really well,” Doggett said.
With rehearsals and performances of up to six days per week, they certainly have had time to get to know each other. Although it is time-consuming, Doggett knows that the band is worthwhile, and he finds time to relax and enjoy other activities.
“I like recording, programming and drum loop stuff, reading and watching stupid TV shows like Dirty Jobs,” Doggett said.
His favorite place to eat is his place. He enjoys creating and preparing home-cooked meals.
“I love cooking anything by using recipes and altering them,” Doggett said.
Doggett is careful to set aside time to read books and memorize Scripture. Psalm 119:11 is a key Bible verse that encourages Doggett to keep reading and memorizing.
“I want to get Scripture into my heart and understand it,” Doggett said. “I am also currently reading C.S. Lewis. He’s incredible. I like to expose myself to stuff that I wouldn’t normally read and strengthen my faith through reading books from other worldviews. Christian faith is logical. I don’t have all the answers now — probably never will, but I don’t have to disconnect my faith and mind.”
He is confident that God will continue to lead him as he steps beyond Liberty this May.
“First, I’ll get a job. I’m getting married in October and praying about where the Lord wants me,” Doggett said. “I would like to eventually get a job in music, but I have a peace about God placing me where he wants me.”
He draws strength from Psalm 1 and sees it as a great encouragement to live a righteous life.
Psalm 1:6: “For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous.”

Contact Aubrey Blankenship at anblankenship@liberty.edu.

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