Sep 15, 2009

Residence halls renovated

by Kendra Foree

New and returning students flooded Liberty University’s campus in August to prepare for the upcoming school year. Although the students’ preparations were just beginning, Liberty’s new arrangements and improvements were coming to an end. Many of the dorms received face-lifts, including Main Campus dorms 1-16, 25-28 and 29-32. Campus East also received upgrades. A total of 24 dorms across campus were renovated.

Head of Maintenance Scott Carnes and his team of maintenance workers headed up the dorm renovation project. He and his team hoped the renovations would help to enhance the quality of on-campus living. “It was a huge challenge, but we were determined to finish it all before the students began returning,” Carnes said.

Inside dorms M1-16, there are new ceramic flooring covering each restroom floor, new bathroom partitions, toilet fixtures in place as well as marble countertops where wooden countertops once existed. In M25-28 the old 1980s style bedroom vanities with cabinets underneath were torn out and replaced with new wall-hung sinks in order to implement a more modern look. In M29-32 the old carpet was replaced with commercial grade vinyl flooring.

Along with M25-28, dorm M17 received new ceiling tiles in the hallways and brand new closet areas. The design allows three closets per room instead of two, which provides more closet space for each person. The closet design is equipped with a top shelf in each closet and shelf space at the end of the closets for extra storage.

The fire alarms in M25-32 and M17 have been replaced, and now include alarm panels and detectors. When an alarm is triggered, LUPD receives a signal, telling them the dorm, hall and room in which the fire is taking place, resulting in a quicker reaction time.
Inside East campus dorms, a third roommate was added to each B room. In order to accommodate the increased number of resident students, each B room on East campus has been furnished with a bunk bed, a loft bed and a third desk and dresser.

Carnes expressed that his team’s main purpose was “to help spread the Word of Christ,” which they strive to put into action by taking whichever steps possible in order to “help make the students’ stay here more comfortable.”

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