Sep 9, 2008

Students leaders plan to revitalize ministry chapel

by Danielle Talbert

The Center for Ministry Training will be holding the 17:6 ministry chapel again this year, with some changes. This year will be the first that the responsibilities are handed to student teams. The teams will lead the services and be in charge of hiring the speakers. Bliss Spillar, who is a resident director and part of one of the student teams, says that with the chapel now being student-led, participants will feel more at home and be more unified, knowing that they are all on the same level.

Along with the leadership changes, 17:6 will be receiving an updated line of speakers, worship and a warmer setup. Once held in DeMoss 1113 and 1114, 17:6 will now be held in the new Towns/Alumni Ministry Training classroom, which brings fresh features to add to the restructured theme of ministry chapel.

These changes are coming about because the staff is realizing that the idea of what 17:6 could be is now a reality. With so many ministry majors enrolled at Liberty, the teams are realizing the opportunity they have to reach these students and prepare them for their futures by making ministry chapel effective and personal. The idea is to make students feel more comfortable with the focus being placed on discussion, rather than just sitting and listening to a preacher.

17:6 has been and will still be held at 10 a.m. on select Fridays during the school year as an alternative to regular convocation services. Anyone is eligible to go, but the chapel caters to students who are seriously seeking to serve in the ministry after graduation. 17:6 serves as a community and support group for students majoring in ministry.

The name is derived from Acts 17:6, which says, “…these men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.” Spillar said this passage was chosen because the outreach of 17:6 is designed to teach ministry majors how to turn the world upside down with the gospel. The passage creates the environment and motivation that is intended by the chapel services.

Ministry students can go to 17:6 services to hear from pastors and evangelists who are already serving where the student is called to be. It differs from convocation in that the sermon topics are less broad and more centered around ministry. Attendees are told the sometimes brutal realities of the ministry. Spillar noted that this is not to discourage ministry-minded students, but the purpose is to fully prepare them to serve at their best ability after college.

In the future, the 17:6 staff says they would like to see students coming faithfully and building bonds with other students in the program. “Making what is learned in ministry chapel go beyond Friday is our biggest goal,” says Spillar.

For more information, service recaps and a schedule of speakers, visit the 17:6 Web site at



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