Sep 23, 2008

Alpha Lambda Delta welcomes new members, opens semester

by Matthew Coleman

The Liberty chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) Scholastic Honor Society initiated its newest crop of sophomore students and leaders last Friday at the Tolsma Indoor Track. Exactly 324 residential and DLP students were recognized for their academic excellence in maintaining at least a 3.5 G.P.A through both semesters of their freshman year.

Many college freshmen are satisfied with simply surviving their first year in college without failing any of their classes. The Liberty students accepted into the ALD strove for much more in their academic quests. Simply getting by is not enough for the ALD.

Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. opened the evening with a speech commemorating the sophomores for their academic achievements from the previous year. Ending his speech on the many advantages of being a part of the ALD, Chancellor Falwell was awarded with an honorary membership for the ALD.

Chancellor Falwell promptly left the stage in time for the students to receive their recognition. Both family and friends gathered at the formal occasion to honor the academic achievements of the past year.

“It is a wonderful blessing, seeing all the families out with the students to rejoice in their accomplishment,” said Dr. Frederick Volk, one of the faculty advisors for the ALD.

Following the initiation of the new members, Liberty’s ALD chapter president, sophomore Dominique Vidale-Plaza gave a brief speech on the responsibilities of new ALD members and what activities they would be engaging in over the year.

“A big part of being in the ALD is serving others, and the community,” Vidale-Plaza said.

Volunteer work is a big part of being in the ALD. Throughout the year, its members help with everything from homecoming festivities to creating care packages for American soldiers overseas and disadvantaged children. According to Vidale-Plaza, the focus is on bettering the community as well as bettering the members of the ALD.

In addition to the volunteer opportunities offered, members also receive many different perks to aid them in their schooling and life after college. According to Dr. Gadomski, the second faculty advisor for the ALD, students have a chance to receive special scholarships available only to members. It can also help mold the skills required to be successful today.

“The ALD is there to give early experience to academically advanced students in leadership and academic/cultural enrichment,” Dr. Gadomski said.

According to Dr. Marilyn Gadomski, the ALD was founded nationally in 1924. Originally intended to be only for women, it started allowing men to join in 1975 and finally found its way to Liberty in 1986.

Since its humble beginnings, the ALD has grown rapidly. According to Dr. Gadomski, there are now over 220 chapters nationwide devoted to recognizing freshmen for their accomplishments and bringing intelligent students from all majors together.

“It’s an opportunity to get to know other people in other majors in the context of the traditional honors society,” Dr. Volk said.


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