Mar 3, 2009

Hindson, Frazier, LaHaye speak about the end times

by Matthew Coleman

Thomas Road Baptist Church welcomed Dr. Ed Hindson, Pastor Gary Frazier and Dr. Tim LaHaye to speak at the 60th Prophetical Conference on Feb. 28. World renowned specialists on prophetical scriptures, the speakers offered their beliefs about the world’s current condition and how it will inevitably play into the end times.

The conference was the brainchild of Dr. Jerry Falwell and began seven years ago. There are many confusing theories and beliefs regarding end time prophecy, and Falwell believed the three experts could shed light on what was fact and fiction.

“We have done these from Maine to California, Florida to Alaska,” Hindson said. “(We have gone to) 60 major churches (around) the United States and seen several thousand (people) saved.”

The general theme of the conference was clear: the end is near. However, the message was not one designed to promote fear and alarm. Instead, the speakers sought to enlighten the audience on a number of widely unknown or misinterpreted facts about the end times.

From their perspective, the world is in its final days, and the signs referred to in the Bible are all around for those who know where to look.
Possibly one of the greatest indicators that the end times are near is the return of the Jewish nation to Israel in 1948, according to Frazier. Without this historical occurrence, it would be impossible for the end time prophecy to come true.

“All end time Bible prophecy depends upon the Jewish people occupying the land of Israel,” Frazier said. “Jesus (was) not going to return ... until Israel was in the land.”

While the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel was widely hailed as a gift from God and a fulfillment of prophecy by Jews and Christians alike, the Muslim world has seen it as a slight against their faith. The violence and dismay caused by the two religion’s spite for each other is another sign of the end times, according to Hindson.

“(Radical Muslims) view Israel as an unbelieving, infidel nation that needs to be driven from the shores of the Middle East, and preferably eliminated from the planet,” Hindson said.

For the end time prophecy to be fulfilled, the world must first be broken and destabilized to the point where the Antichrist can step in and try to fix it. Since Sept. 11, there have been more than 7,000 terrorist attacks in the world that have killed over 35,000 people, according to Hindson. Through the incessant attacks of Islamic terrorists and other radical organizations, the world is slowly being broken apart. This falls in line with the predictions made about the world’s condition in the book of Revelation.

Another sign made recently apparent is the rebirth of the old Roman Empire. In the same year Israel was reformed, a European power was forged from the rubble of World War II, which is known today as the European Union (EU). Frazier believes the EU is the prophesied reincarnation of the Roman Empire foretold by Daniel in the Old Testament. It is through this empire that the Antichrist will emerge and take the world into the seven year tribulation.

“We do not want another committee… what we want is a man of sufficient stature who can lead us out of the economic (troubles) in which we are sinking,” Paul Henry Spaak, the secretary general of the EU, said in 1957. “Send us such a man, and be he God or the devil, we will follow him.”

From the desires and designs of the EU has come the One World Order (OWO) movement. Based deeply in socialism, the OWO is intended to unite all the peoples of earth under one government, economy and religion, according to Frazier. In theory, this new form of government would eliminate war, hunger, strife and hatred from the planet.

Everyone would be equal and under one banner.

Many European powers such as France and Germany believe that this is the next logical step in mankind’s evolution. However, the goal has been out of reach, primarily because of Christianity, according to LaHaye. For a true OWO to be created, those of the Christian faith would be forced to give up their beliefs. Only after God’s people are raptured from the picture can this plan fully be put in action.

“We Christians are the thorn in the world’s religious plans for having a one world religion,” LaHaye said.

In addition, the technological advances made during the past century have introduced the weaponry depicted in the book of Revelation. After the horrors seen in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945, it is not hard to imagine the world ending in a matter of seconds. The destructive potential of the nuclear bomb is a clear indicator that the last days are at hand, according to Hindson.

“Mankind now has the ability to potentially destroy the whole world,” Hindson said.

Under the guise of unity and technological advance, humanity is marching straight into its demise, according to all three speakers. Even with more than two billion people professing to be Christians, the world seems content to ignore the written signs.

“We live in a Hollywood mentality,” Frazier said. “Just ignore the problem and everything will be okay.”

More than 1,400 people attended the seven-hour conference. The message was presented in a very understandable manner and was well received by the audience.

“I never understood Revelations that well,” sophomore Susan McLaren said. “The speakers have explained it really well.”

“It is enjoyable to hear from Bible scholars on what is going on (in the world),” sophomore Rachel Pesce said. “They are experts, and it is cool to hear their take on things.”

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