Sep 30, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Museum Edition

by Anthony Barone

The Jerry Falwell Museum on the Liberty University Campus will receive a facelift for the school’s alumni.

The Jerry Falwell Museum, which features several pictures, memorabilia and videos of the life and the ministry of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, is receiving an additional section for alumni returning to Liberty Mountain.

The new area of the museum has been undergoing changes that will be completed by Homecoming.

The room will be an addition to the current museum and will tie the museum closer together with the current alumni center.
Already in progress is a 47 foot mural depicting a timeline of Liberty Mountain’s history and how Dr. Falwell changed the image of the mountain.

The mural, being painted by Paul Dinwiddie, depicts Liberty Mountain from its rural beginnings starting with the Carter Glass Mansion, continuing through Liberty Baptist College history and moving into the formation of Liberty University.

Highlights of the mural include the change in dormitories over the years, the construction of DeMoss, Campus North, the Vines Center, the LU Monogram and most of the other well-recognized structures on campus.The painting depicts important events in school history, which includes an early prayer meeting in the snow and concludes with Dr. Falwell’s memorial.

The area will allow alumni to come and relive the days they had at Liberty while remembering some of the events in the school and the life of Dr. Jerry Falwell.

Below the mural will be pictures, newspaper articles and magazines, which will be placed within their proper decades.

Each will show major events in school history and will be visible in bullet-point form under each decade.

The room will also feature a six-by-nine-foot map on the room’s remaining wall.

The map will be for alumni to place a colored pin, different for each decade, on the map to show where they are from and the years they attended Liberty.

Museum Curator Paula Johnson expressed how many items the museum had collected and the difficulty of choosing what to include.The room will be secluded from the main museum by archways to create a more intimate feel for visitors.

The area will also serve as a conference room for alumni.

Dinwiddie, a self-taught painter who specializes in portraits, has already spent many hours on the mural with the planned deadline of Oct. 23.

Originally from California, Dinwiddie also painted the portraits of Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. Elmer Towns, Dr. Harold Willmington, Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin and Dr. Robert Hughes that hang in the main entrance of DeMoss.

He is currently enrolled in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Calif.

When asked about his experience at Liberty, Mr. Dinwiddie said, “I came here (to Lynchburg) to paint portraits,” expressing that he is glad he came.

Dinwiddie is currently painting other portraits of well-noted and charitable people in Liberty’s history.



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