Sep 23, 2008

Around Liberty in Ninety Words

by Jennifer Schmidt

92 Empty Spots
Commuters have no doubt noticed the dozens of reserved parking spots that remain unoccupied day after day. Unfortunately, the carpool program has yet to catch on with commuters who seem to be in the dark concerning the regulations. Perhaps the initiative was never adequately explained to commuter students, and could be why only eight cars are registered in a program with space for 100. But regardless of what actions or lack of action led to this point, the present reality is that open spots are lying empty. Read the story on A1 to find out if you meet the qualifications. The Champion will be keeping tabs on the program to gauge its hopeful development over the next few weeks.

Thanks for the Tilley
If you haven’t been to the Tilley Student Center yet, grab a few friends and venture north of the LaHaye Lounge. The low lighting and centered bar stool area distinguish Tilley from other hangouts on campus. The function of the room is clear: students are meant to enjoy themselves on stage, in billiards tournaments, talking on couches or perhaps, group studying. With the recent opening of the third floor of DeMoss, Liberty’s largest on-campus population also has the most (and most comfortable) places to relax. Let’s use them!

Mascot Madness
An epic battle of college mascots has begun, and Sparky needs the students of Liberty to aid him in the battle. Make ready patrons of Liberty and vote now! The Capital One Mascot Bowl is underway, allowing everyone to vote for their favorite mascot in a nation-wide contest. Currently in week three of 11, students and fans are allowed to vote once a day until the end of the competition. In order to vote for Sparky, voters must cast their votes for the 12 highlighted mascots first, and then select the college state. Go to and vote now. 

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