Oct 24, 2006

Registration on the horizon, students urged to seek advisors

by Cory Palmer
The time has come for students to take a break from the toils of the current semester and look ahead. The time for spring registration is fast approaching, and with it comes a process every student must undergo – academic advising.

The process has been made a bit easier for both students and faculty this year, as the school has made the transition from faculty doubling as advisors in their department to professional advisors for each department. This move has decreased the amount of that time students often must wait to be in contact with their advisor now that there is staff dedicated solely to advising.

“It’s good to have someone who I can talk to about my major that really knows what they're talking about, because it definitely wasn’t like that before,” said Maria Weisz, a junior. “I had to just figure things out on my own before.”

Before students can register for next semester, they must communicate with their academic advisors. Each student’s advisor has to raise his or her flag, which is a hold placed on student accounts to ensure that the advisor has approved the schedule for the upcoming semester.

All freshmen and sophomores have to schedule an appointment to meet with their advisor in person to discuss their class schedules. Often, juniors and seniors are not required to meet with their advisor but are instead allowed to e-mail them a list of classes that they intend to take.

Once a student’s flag has been raised and his or her account is clear of any holds from the business office, he or she is prepared to register for the upcoming semester. This semester, registration opens on Oct. 27 for seniors and graduate students, Oct. 31 for juniors, Nov. 2 for sophomores and Nov. 6 for freshmen.

In addition, there are early registration periods for Honors students on Oct. 23 and 24 and for Athletes, Debate and Special Needs students on Oct. 25 and 26.
Some students have learned the hard way that disregarding the proper procedure for registration can result in problems.

“I was supposed take MATH 115 sometime in my first two years, because it’s a foundation class,” said senior TJ Easter. “I didn’t think it would be a big deal if I waited to take it, though. But then I found out I couldn’t register for classes online because I had a hold on my account.”

TJ is one of many students who fail to utilize an opportunity in their advisors. Besides assisting in registering classes, advisors can aid students in choosing the right classes to take at a certain time. Students should be aware that some classes are only offered in the fall and some only in the spring. Not taking some classes within the required timeframe can cause students to have to register in person at the Registrar’s Office.

“I had to get a Drop/Add form at the Registrar, fill out my classes, schedule an appointment with my advisor, get my advisor to sign off on the form, and then take it back to the registrar. Two classes I needed to graduate on time had filled up before I could finish it all. Now I’m here an extra semester,” said Easter.

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