Sep 9, 2008

Hindson recovers, returns to Thomas Road pulpit

by Daniel Eckert

After almost losing his life three times and spending 100 days in the hospital, Ed Hindson returned to the pulpit on Sept. 7 to preach to the attendees of Thomas Road Baptist Church’s Super Sunday nights.

From the pulpit, he thanked all of the nurses and doctors who helped him through this and all those who stayed by his side when he was at his worst. “There is no community like the community of Christians,” Hindson said.

He told the crowd about the first day when he was in the hospital. They gave him a stress test, which he “promptly failed.” Another test was done showing that 75 to 95 percent of his five main arteries were blocked. He said open heart surgery was the only option. The surgery went fine, and everything seemed alright.

The second night there he was walking outside of his room when suddenly one of his lungs collapsed. He said that he almost stopped breathing. As the nurses were rushing him to his room, one of them realized who it was and she said, “This is Dr. Hindson. Don’t let him die. He’s my favorite teacher."

The next Sunday he was informed of a new staph infection that had developed in his bloodstream, and at one point most of his organs, except the brain and heart, had stopped working. He said that he spent the next 55 days in critical care, unable to move. He couldn’t eat, drink, sit, stand or walk. He remembers while in critical care that they brought him a teaspoon of water to drink and recalled saying, “If I could drink orange juice and go home, I’d be happy.”

Unfortunately, his stay was not over. A case of pneumonia and yet another infection struck his body. Daniel Henderson, a part-time professor at Liberty and a pastor at TRBC, organized a large group of people to pray for Hindson’s recovery and ultimately a miracle. He told Hindson the night of the prayer group that he should “expect by tomorrow, great things.” By the next day Hindson said he was feeling much better and could finally walk again.

Hindson shared this in the context of 2 Corinthians 1, where Paul is teaching the church about suffering and comfort.
“Life is filled with mountaintops of sunshine and valleys of shadows,” Hindson said, and God is there to give us rest in those times when the sun is not so bright.


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