Mar 31, 2009

Coffeehouse takes a road trip

by Emily Defosse

“Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin anywhere.” These famous words began the opening act, Voyage, at Friday night’s Road Trip Coffeehouse. The Vines Center erupted with the sound of students singing along.

The second and most memorable act of the evening was the Madtv2 skit “Stuart at CFAW” which featured Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Alese Chandler said that Falwell contacted the Madtv2 act after last semester’s Coffeehouse because he enjoyed their performance so much. They asked him to participate with them this semester, and he agreed.

Sarah Turner also returned to the Coffeehouse stage with an original song titled “Stalking You.” The song was a comical look at stalking on Liberty’s campus.

Junior Greg Forrest sang and played guitar for the act “Teardrops On My Triplets.” The act was an ode to the Frazee triplets on the Lady Flames’ basketball team. Forrest, who participated in Coffeehouse last spring, was excited to see the crowd’s reaction.

Junior Joe Johnson is a part of the Peacemakers dance crew who danced in an act called “Renegade Master.”

Other acts included Them LU Boys, The Guestroom, Last Minute, The Brittany Anderson Band, Shekinah Choir, La Ruta, One of These Things Is Not Like The Other and Cru.

Planning for Coffeehouse began in a Monday morning staff meeting in the Student Activities Office. Chandler said the process began with brainstorming and a poll of the student body. Eventually, the office members voted, and the theme for this semester’s Coffeehouse became Road Trip.

Chandler was most excited about the wide variety of students who participated in the show this semester.

“It’s a lot of regular students in a great representation of the student body,” Chandler said. “It is not just students that we have hosted for a Campus Artist Series or any of Liberty’s well-known musicians. It is just everybody and anybody.”

Chandler has the opportunity to work backstage during the show, and see the students change from being nervous before they go on stage to coming off stage excited.

“When you give a student the opportunity to perform on a stage that big for one night in their life that’s big,” Chandler said.

Junior Kara Robertson enjoyed the variety at this semester’s Coffeehouse.

“There was a good variety of music, and I liked that I knew most of the songs,” Robertson said. “Everyone did a great job.”

Junior Rachelle Melnichuk enjoyed the show as well as the video, “LUPD 4,” a continuation of the LUPD videos many students look forward to seeing at every Coffeehouse.

“I get more amazed each Coffeehouse with the talent Liberty University has,” Melnichuk said. “The LUPD videos are always hilarious.”

Road Trip Coffeehouse ended with Todd and the Rukanators singing “Life is a Highway.”

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