Oct 28, 2008

Senator Lindsey Graham touts McCain’s reputation, moral values

by Matthew Coleman

 “Two weeks from tonight, we are going to make one of the most important decisions of our lives,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said during his speech last Tuesday at Liberty’s Field Operations Center Dining Hall. Graham offered his support for presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain while emphasizing the need to encourage previous non-voters to vote.

Elected to the Senate in Nov. 2002, Graham has spent the last several years getting up close and personal with the two current presidential candidates and has personally experienced the vices and virtues each man has to offer. His conclusion is that McCain is the best candidate to lead America into the next four years.
According to Graham, McCain has proven throughout his entire life that he is the man of unquestionable character and the remarkable resolve Americans need to lead them out of a faltering economy and an elongated war.

“The measure of a man is seen when nobody is looking,” Graham said. “John McCain was a good man in hard times, and he will be a good president in hard times.”

According to Graham, the president elected in 2008 will inherit a host of problems left by the current administration. Graham believes McCain has been tested extensively in his career and has proven, through past actions and decisions, that he is the man capable of inheriting those problems.

He said McCain will help rebuild America’s economy by supporting the “Joe Plumbers” of the nation instead of taxing them to redistribute their wealth. McCain does not want to punish workers for living the American dream, according to Graham.

Aside from the economy, Graham emphasized the security McCain will bring America under his presidency. The world knows McCain, and they know not to mess with him, according to Graham. In a time where many want to inflict harm on the people of America, McCain will fight to keep Americans safe.

“John McCain will not be tested,” Graham said. “(America’s enemies) know McCain. They fear McCain.”

But as the election draws near, final victory seems to be drifting further and further from McCain’s grasp. While the choice is obvious to Graham, the nation is leaning in favor of Sen.

Obama by as much as seven percent of the national vote, while the Virginia poll numbers show Obama with a 10-point lead, according to usaelectionpolls.com.

Even so, Graham remains confident in McCain’s ability to win both Virginia and the election. To accomplish this task, the senator challenged the audience to encourage those who have never voted before to become active in the election process and vote in favor of McCain. Virginia is a vital territory for the upcoming election, and McCain will be hurt significantly if Obama wins it.

“McCain needs to win Virginia,” Anthony Pamplion, sophomore vice president and second vice chair for the college republicans said.

“As an active college republican, (I am) going to do everything in (my) ability to make sure he can win.”

In answering Graham’s challenge, many members of Liberty’s college republicans are volunteering their time to call potential voters and encourage them to vote next Tuesday.


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