Mar 31, 2009

Hidden secrets revealed

by Emily Defosse

Usually, I sit snugly in my designated place fulfilling the calling I was created to fill. At every meal, however, I am removed and placed in a plastic container to be stored until I am needed once again.

My owner used to take good care of me, until the day she left me in that plastic container sitting alone on a table in the dining hall. I was lost.
Another student found me moments later and looked disgusted by her discovery. Despite her apparent aversion to my presence she picked me up, and placed me inside of her purse to lay in darkness for an extended period of time. Eventually, I was removed from my hiding place between the girl’s chewing gum, a makeup case and a few old receipts when the girl pulled me out of the dark recesses of her bag and handed me over to another girl who was working behind a half door in DeMoss.

My new handler looked at me strangely and placed me up on a shelf to await my owner who sadly, never came. I hope her teeth are not crooked again. If you are reading this and are missing your retainer please come to the lost and found to claim me.

Thus is heard the poor cry of a retainer from the corner of the lost and found office in DeMoss next to the bookstore. The retainer’s cry is not solitary. The plastic apparatus is just one voice that helps create a chorus of voices that comes from the lost objects that fill the small, cluttered room.

A bulletin bored covered with keys, a drawer full of phones and other electronic devices, boxes of hats, clothing and boxes upon boxes of Bibles act as the room’s décor.

Senior Richlyn Yond has been working at the lost and found since her junior year.

Items usually find their way to the lost and found via students who find misplaced items throughout the school and bring them in, according to Yond. Other objects come to the lost and found in boxes from the library, computer lab, convocation and other departments.

The most commonly lost items are cell phones, keys, student ID cards, Bibles, coffee mugs, notebooks and credit cards. Social Security cards have also been found. When a Social Security card is found, they are turned into the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) who head up the lost and found. When other IDs are turned in, the lost and found workers usually e-mail the owner so they know to pick it up.

Yond recalls some of the most random items she has ever seen come through the lost and found were a retainer, food, crutches and shoes.
All items are held for 120 days after which unclaimed articles of clothing are donated to the Salvation Army. Unclaimed textbooks are sold back to the bookstore and other items are disposed of in other appropriate manners.

The lost and found is open at various hours everyday which are posted outside the lost and found door they can also be contacted at 582-4200.

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