Nov 7, 2006

The Wave hosts Thursday night fellowship at Cattle Annie’s

by Kara Shand
There is a new “wave” in town, and Assistant to the Chancellor Albert Jennings says it is here to stay. Thursday night’s inaugural “Takeover Thursday” meeting sponsored by The Wave attracted more than 40 Liberty students to Cattle Annie’s Restaurant and Entertainment Club, where the event was held. Cattle Annie’s is located off the Odd Fellows Rd. exit on U.S. 29-N. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m.

The Wave is a ministry created and directed by Jennings for youths and young adults in urban communities who are influenced by the currently dominant hip-hop culture. Although there has been much controversy surrounding the choice of the venue, Jennings says there is good reason for the decision.

“Campus was not the place for it — it had to be in the urban community,” said Jennings. The location makes it easier to reach the target audience.

His vision is not just to expand, but also to get the attention of the city government and non-profit organizations that have the same goal of reaching the inner-city youth. Jennings came up with the name in the aftermath of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, an event that impacted millions of lives. The Wave ministry is hoping to do the same by impacting young people across the country.
The meeting included performances from Liberty students who displayed their talents in singing, rapping, praise dancing and stepping. Many of the attendees were excited about the new ministry that gave them a chance to socialize with other Christians.

Sophomore Michelle Mitchell explained how much she appreciated a place for young people to enjoy themselves as Christians. “It’s just a place to have fun in the name of the Lord and ‘chill’ with all your friends,” she said. Eventually, Jennings hopes that the ministry will grow and attract more young people in search of the gospel message presented in a form that they are familiar with.

“Hip-hop was a medium for me to get inside myself, but it was missing the element of Jesus,” said Jennings. His brother Rashad Jennings, who is the running back for the Flames football team, came to give his testimony about his journey to become a student at Liberty University. 

Though the Wave has just begun, the response from students has been very promising. Senior Elma Diggs is excited about the new ministry. She said, “It’s something new on campus (for Liberty students) and I wanted to check it out, and support somebody who is trying to do something (with the urban youth).”

The Wave is still looking for performers who have a heart for urban ministry and an understanding of Christian leadership. If interested, contact Jennings at 434-841-0579.

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