Oct 16, 2007

CFAW students invade campus once again

by Daniel Martinez

    College for a Weekend (CFAW) was held for the first time this semester from Oct.11-14. Prospective students had the chance to visit Liberty and drop in on classes, meal times and extracurricular activities throughout the campus.
    If the campus seemed a bit more crowded than usual, the reason can certainly be attributed to the “1,580 CFAW guests” on campus, according to Dr. Ergun Caner’s announcement in convocation on Friday.  Among those guests were 1,221 students and 285 parents as diverse as the Liberty student body, with some coming from as far away as California, Georgia, Canada and even New Zealand. 
    Besides attending classes and convocation with LU students on Friday, these visitors also enjoyed many other events.
    The Liberty University Theater Department’s newest musical, “Crazy for You,” opened with three performances over the weekend.
    The Liberty University Theatre’s newest musical, “Crazy for You”, opened with three performances over the weekend, as did the annual witnessing project Scaremare, which was available the first three nights of the weekend.
    Saturday night, students and guests flocked to the Vines Center to see Switchfoot in concert, and other students dropped in on the     Liberty hockey game and  late skate. The next day, students were welcomed to various church services held on campus and at Thomas Road Baptist Church Sunday morning. 
    Special activities for visitors, such as a luncheon with Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr., an “admissions made easy” overview, and special seminars for Financial Aid and specific majors were held all throughout the weekend both at DeMoss and North Campus. 
    Many of the visitors already had their plans mapped out when they arrived Thursday night in the DeMoss atrium. 
    Coming from nearby Christiansburg, Va., about two hours away, high school senior Amanda Martin accompanied a friend who was also visiting. Both were attracted to “the Christian life aspects” of the school, and among their scheduled events were a visit to Master’s Inn and the Scaremare project.
    Derek Rine, a high school graduate who traveled five hours from Pennsylvania, said he was attracted by “the spiritual aspects of the school, as well as a number of friends who go here.”  In a nutshell, he said his intention this weekend was “to just hang out and have some fun.”
    Unlike some who traveled hours to arrive in Lynchburg for the weekend, high school senior Ricky Rosenthal traveled just 30 minutes from his home in Lynchburg in order to visit. 
    “I’ve always wanted to go here since I was little; the Christian aspects are great.  I really liked Jerry Falwell; he’s definitely a big reason I’m interested,” he said.  He also knew his weekend plans: “Oh yeah, I’m going to Scaremare, Switchfoot, paintballing and then some.”
    On the other end of the travel spectrum, high school junior Halie Baker traveled more than 10 hours with her boyfriend’s church youth group from Lizella, Ga., to visit Liberty. 
    “I didn’t know much about LU,” she said. “But I like it so far, and I am planning on going to see Switchfoot, going to Scaremare and going hiking.”
    Many of the school’s campus pastors had specific duties when it came to CFAW, such as Chris Deitsch, head of student leadership, who has helped enforce the rule that campus student leaders host visitors.  Deitsch, who was a prayer leader for 10 semesters at Liberty, said he did host visitors during CFAW as a student.  He said he felt he gained a lot from the experience. 
    “I just think it’s a great opportunity to (invest in) someone you might never see again.  God puts these people across your path for a reason.” 
    “Being a student leader is a position of service, and that includes being hospitable to those coming on campus,” he said.  “We want potential students to get a look at our student leaders, who all help lead the Liberty student body.”
    Between prayer leaders and students vying for Christian Service hours, hundreds of Liberty students accepted visitors into their rooms in the hope that the weekend would help prospective students hear the call of God in their lives.  With Switchfoot, Scaremare,     “Crazy for You” and more, these thousands of visitors got a chance to see what life is like on the Liberty University campus.

Contact Daniel Martinez at dpmartinez@liberty.edu.

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