Mar 11, 2008

Caitlin Plage's debut album released eager hands and open hearts

by Kerah Kemmerer

In honor of Caitlin Plage’s release of her debut album, a CD release concert was held in the Campus North PowerSource room on March 7.
Plage, a business marketing major from N.C., visited Liberty during College for a Weekend in 2006 and auditioned for Exodus, one of Liberty’s traveling worship bands that she “fell in love with.”
“I almost started crying,” Plage said to her audience after performing her first song. “There are so many people here that I haven’t seen in so long,”
Plage produced her recent album with Keith Everett Smith — manager Kyle Smith’s brother ­— both of whom she met while in Lynchburg.  She views her album as a culmination of the last 10 or so years of her life — both musically and spiritually.  She said recording was a two-year process, and she is excited to have it finished.
During the show, Plage sang several songs from her self-titled album, giving a bit of background for each one. 
“I wrote this for a friend of mine who had a really damaged life,” said Plage, referring to “Hold On.”  “I wrote this for her, asking her to consider Christ.”
Another song Plage performed was one she had finished writing this week.  “Let Go” is a song about the complexities of love, with one line saying, “I know you say it’s better to have loved than to have never, but baby, I beg to differ.”
“As Long as it Takes” was inspired by the story of Jacob and how God instilled patience in him as he waited to marry Rachel.
“I am just reminded,” Plage said, “that when we are patient and obedient, God will bless us.”
Plage’s catchy rock-inspired songs and pure vocals brought the audience to its feet several times.  During one number she asked the audience to sing along with her.
“You guys are so awesome!” Plage said during the show.  “Thanks so much for getting involved!”
With over 150 people in attendance, including Plage’s parents, the room was full of enthusiastic supporters.  People talked about the authenticity Plage displayed both onstage and in her life.
 “I met her before,” senior Estera Vatran said.  “She’s a real, genuine person, and I appreciate her authenticity, besides the fact that she’s a fantastic musician.  I really respect her for that.”
 “Cait’s a natural,” sophomore Jamie Joyce said. “She has a knack for music, and at the same time, she’s so genuine.  She’s real believable to her audience, and I respect that.”
 Kyle Smith, who iss Plage’s manager, also played at the show and did some guitar work on the album.
 “She doesn’t have a ton of experience, but it’s so obvious that she has the amazing ability to sing,” he said. “Her pitch is great. She picked right up on guitar and just has a raw, natural talent.”
Special guest Sarah Kinas, a freshman from Washington, D.C., was thrilled to open the show for Plage.
“She’s an awesome girl, and I have been so privileged to be a part of her life,” Kinas said.
While Plage has no current plans for her future, she said she can only hope that it somehow involves music. 
At one point, guests were given the opportunity to win Plage’s album or a T-shirt by answering random pop questions.  For those who did not win, T-shirts and albums were made available for sale at a nearby table.  A few walked away with a free single by Kinas.

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