Nov 18, 2008

In Her Own Words

by Kristin Wolfe

“All I know is I went to Africa and saw Jesus moving there like he is here, it’s just that the people look different and the way they live their lives isn’t the same. They have hurting people and poverty and a lot of orphans and I think that breaks my Savior’s heart. But they also have a lot of love, a beautiful culture and Jesus moving in big ways. And now, Ethiopia has three less orphans who are currently living at my house in Michigan, hanging out in their new rooms and trying to figure out how to work the shower.

We have a long road ahead of us, but seeing the way Jesus has taken our lives and used them already, I’m not really worried. We don’t speak the same language very well, and the kids don’t yet realize that they don’t have to wash their clothes in the sink anymore. We have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but my new family has seen the way God works, and we’re ready for what’s to come.”


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