Oct 21, 2008

Senator Lindsey Graham slated to visit Liberty today

by Mitchell Malcheff

Sen. Lindsey Graham will speak tonight to Liberty University’s college republicans and other area republicans. The South Carolina native was elected in 2002 after entering politics in 1992 when he won a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives.
Graham holds the distinction of being the only active U.S. Senator to currently serve in the Guard or Reserves, according to Graham’s Web site. That distinction is part of his long-running career of military service in the Air Force that stretches back to 1982.

Graham’s speech is part of the effort to keep traditionally republican Virginia red in the upcoming Presidential election. Just a month ago, the McCain-Palin ticket led Sen. Obama by three percentage points in the swing state but currently trail by three points, according to rasmussenreports.com.

Graham describes McCain on his Web site as a mentor and friend, and McCain has been quoted as saying that there is no one he trusts more in politics than Graham. Graham has also been a vocal supporter of McCain’s selection of Palin as his running mate. Graham’s Web site had this to say about Palin:

“As vice president, Sarah Palin will bring a new attitude to Washington that is long overdue. Some people talk about change, but Governor Palin has made it happen.”

Graham will be speaking from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Football Operations Center. The entire University body is invited to attend.


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