Mar 2, 2010

TRBC team witnesses to Lynchburg

by Sarah Stockslager

Come sleet or come snow, the Thomas Road Baptist Church witnessing team met Tuesday night just as it has every week for the last two and a half years.

Averaging about 25 people a week, the group takes the Gospel and the plan of salvation to Lynchburg streets and neighborhoods.
Tracy and Pamela King, the founders of the group, transport the team via church van to the witnessing locations. In groups of two, they take tracts door to door.

Tuesday night, the team went to Newberne Street, close to the old TRBC building. According to Pamela, the team is instructed to ask if the person is attending church and then if they know for sure they will be going to heaven when they die.

“We will share the Gospel standing in the doorway,” Pamela said.

Pamela King said the majority of the people are courteous and sometimes invite the group inside.

“Usually the people are very friendly,” Pamela said.

The team typically uses the Romans road to share the plan of salvation because it is familiar to most of the team and easy to remember.

The team has Bibles in the van to give away to new Christians.

Last year the team led over 300 people to receive Christ and gave out 3,000 tracts and 350 bibles, according to Pamela.

Tracy said that Liberty University Director of Commuter Students Larry Provost is a “big encouragement” to the witness ministry, as he gives the team bibles to hand out.

The team is about 100 members strong, but not everyone comes every Tuesday, according to Pamela.

In addition to their weekly neighborhood visits, the team holds a monthly service at a juvenile detention center and visits nursing homes a few times a year. They also organize occasional block parties — the last one was held in November.

Liberty’s Bridging the Gap step team usually joins the witnessing team on their trips to the juvenile detention center. According to Pamela many of the inmates there have received Christ as their savior thanks to the witnessing team and Bridging the Gap.

“The witnessing team was formed because of the vision of Pastor Jonathan Falwell of reaching the community and the world,” Pamela said.

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