Mar 28, 2006

Column: Words from the Life! editor

by MarLiesa Johnson

The countdown begins. I am starting to get that nervous, “senioritis” twitch. Seven weeks to go and then what? Freedom? Seven weeks. I have to practically staple my twitching self down to the seats in my classes (sorry professors, it’s not you, it’s senioritis).

I can recognize the glazed-over looks in fellow seniors. With the twitching and glassy eyes, one might at first think that there is an epidemic at Liberty. Well, there is and it is called, senioritis.

Brains, by this time, are getting information overload. I try to replace information in my brain. I am currently filling up the slot that was previously taken by math. Yuck. Maybe, I should save a little of that math information, but only what is necessary. Maybe not. That is what a calculator is for.

Resumes are starting to get typed up and frantically run to the Career Center for improving and advice (yes, they do that). Seniors are beginning to scan for that “dream” job. About that time, when job requirements are jumping off of the computer screen, they will understand why they had to take some of those “pointless” classes. Like math. And English. Imagine that.

It feels good to be at the top of the “food chain.” To know that all of the stress and overwhelming feelings of fatigue will all go away. Well, until the job starts. Sorry to disappoint you.

When we step into that office building, we will no longer be the much-admired seniors. We are admired, right? I mean, not just admired by our mothers. It has taken us (most of us) four years to get to this point. Four long, hard years.

Anyway, back to the glazed eyes and twitching. Whether it is due to coffee addiction (seriously, we need a support group on campus), lack of sleep or the idea that they are graduating in seven weeks ... it could be all of the above.

If you are not a senior, you will learn the symptoms of senioritis soon enough. I know that we look a little scary, twitching and such, but you will understand in time.

I am excited to graduate. I cannot lie. The idea of finally being a “grown-up” is so exciting. My own job, my own taxes (I know it is sick that this excites me), bigger bills and, in four months, a husband.

But, I will miss Liberty. I have loved every exciting minute of attending Liberty. Even during finals. I am taking in each last moment, the classes, the exams, the friends, and putting them in a special memory spot in my mind (that I recently used to replace my  science knowledge-or lack thereof).

We are the future, but let’s not forget the past and the present. I have a feeling that we have learned a lot more here than what is required.

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