Dec 2, 2008

Extreme Dating: Liberty Edition

by Jennifer Bowman

Dating is not always filled with roses and chocolates, and every day certainly is not like Valentine’s Day. However, there is a purpose to dating – that is, for two people to find the person that complements and fits them the best. Dating is like a puzzle. Sometimes, the puzzle is complicated and sometimes it’s average. However, the “how we met” stories are often amusing.

Rachel Adams and Joshua Moore met at Liberty in January 2007.

“I was eating dinner at the (Reber-Thomas Dining Hall) with some girls from my hall,” Adams said. “We noticed a guy sitting down towards the end of the table eating all by himself.” The girls decided to invite him to sit with them for dinner and they ended up having a really good time.

Adams and Moore continued to build their friendship by hanging out with friends and playing board games and such with each other.

“One time we went to Mountain Frost Creamery and Josh didn’t have money for ice cream,” Adams said. “At the time the employees were asking Disney Trivia questions, and I got one right, so I got a second ice cream and gave it to Josh.”

After a month of hanging out and getting to know each other, Moore decided to make it official.

“Josh asked me to be his valentine on Valentine’s Day and he came to convocation with a big purple folder,” Adams said. “I opened it up and there was a poem he had written specifically for me.”

A week later, Moore popped the question – the “will you be my girlfriend” question, one.

“After Campus Church that night, Josh took me to Mountain Frost Creamery and we shared a bowl of Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream,” Adams said. “Afterwards, he started dancing with me in the hallway… while waiting for the bus, he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

Vanessa Swanner and Corey McCoy have been dating for almost two years, and their story is as unique as the next.

Swanner came to Liberty when she was 18 years old, and she met Corey McCoy the first day she arrived, Swanner said.

“My dorm went out to dinner (at the dining hall) with our brother dorm, which just happened to be Corey’s hall,” Swanner said. “I had met a lot of interesting guys that day and developed three or four mini-crushes (as most freshman girls do) but none of them were for Corey. Corey seemed like a nice guy, but rather stupid and funny-looking.”

Swanner, who was dating someone at the time, found that the Lord was calling her away from him. Over the next few months,

Swanner and McCoy got to know each other.

“Corey would walk with me all the way to dorm 33, where I lived (this was before the buses) every Wednesday night,” Swanner said.

“We would talk and I realized Corey was a dependable friend, but not someone I thought of to date.”

One Wednesday night, as McCoy shared with Swanner about his father’s death, she realized what good of a friend McCoy was, Swanner said.

“Corey expressed to me that he liked me as more than just a friend and I said ‘Oh, don’t worry about that... I’m nothing special, and you’ll get over it,’” Swanner said.

One day, Swanner got so upset with McCoy because he blew off their soccer date to go hang out with his guy friends.

“That day I discovered that Corey was more than just a friend to me, he was a constant companion that I depended on to stand by me always,” Swanner said. That spring, McCoy asked Swanner to be his girlfriend and through their ups and downs.

“When Corey asked me to date him, we had a short, romantic talk in the moonlight by a swing set, and he kissed me and told me he loved me,” Swanner said.

Each dating story is unique, and couples at Liberty have the opportunity to integrate the Lord into their relationship, making the experience that much sweeter.


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