Mar 31, 2009

Student president nominees prepare for 2009-2010 election

by Lee Sandy

Students will be voting in a new student body president next week on Friday, April 3. The Student Government Association (SGA) will hold the annual election where students will get a chance to cast their votes for a new SGA administration. The importance of the election should not be overlooked, because SGA serves as a bridge between the student body and Liberty’s administrative board.

The SGA administration oversees all branches within the SGA. These branches mirror the three major branches of U.S. government. Overall, the branches represent each class of the student body via class presidents within the executive branch in order to ensure student voices are heard.

All three Facebook groups are nearly tied in the number of students who have joined them meaning that the SGA elections this year are competitive.

Josh Melder, the incumbent SGA president has encouraged action within the student body to get involved and make a difference. Over the past year he has helped keep the vision of Liberty alive by keeping Christian values in focus within the student body.

Three students running for the office of SGA president this year: Michael Desmond, Matthew McCain and Matthew Mihelic. Each candidate is running with a vice president for Government Affairs and a vice president for Student Services, all of whom will make up his administration of executive officers.

McCain, the current vice president of Student Services, promises to “uphold the conservative Christian principles that Liberty was founded on by continuing to honestly and effectively represent and advocate on behalf of the student body.” He also said he will “maintain the SGA’s integrity (and) increase organizational legitimacy and effectiveness.” His goals are listed on his Facebook group, “McCain for Liberty 2009.”
Mihelic has a specific passion for the Liberty Godparent Home. One of his goals is to see the student body getting more involved in the cause of life for the unborn. Mihelic also desires to highlight diversity, especially in the SGA executive branch. His Facebook group, “Matt Mihelic for SGA President,” lays out seven goals that make up his platform.

“We are the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world,” Mihelic said. “As one voice, we can support the unborn babies of America and their mothers through the Liberty Godparent Home.”
Desmond places an emphasis on study abroad programs, meal plan extensions and transportation improvements. He hopes to persuade Liberty administration to change many of the traditional rules on campus, including convocation skips, changes to the dress code for males, as well, and more room in the schedule for spirited debates, “where students can be exposed to various arguments in a controlled environment.” His platform can be found on the Facebook group, “Desmond, Webb and Zosh: SGA Leaders 2009.”

“We only have the rule adjustments on our platform due to the fact that we are representing a large student body and many of them want changes to the rules at Liberty,” Desmond said. “Many of these changes are unlikely to get passed by the administration, but we will represent every student.”

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