Dec 8, 2009

Lotz pleads ‘get off sidelines’

by Amanda Baker

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, was the keynote speaker during convocation Wednesday. Her message focused on the four characteristics of a relationship with God and she challenged students to enter into an active relationship instead of just standing on the sidelines.

A relationship with God is personal, permanent, privileged and has a purpose, and “there is nothing more important than establishing these things,” according to Lotz.

Lotz peppered her message with personal experiences, including stories about her father. Because the elder Lotz was hardly ever in her life growing up as a result of his evangelism work, Lotz said she did not know what a father was supposed to be like until she saw her husband with her own children. This made seeing God as a faithful heavenly Father hard for her at first.

In an interview with the Liberty Champion, Lotz admitted that she did not feel called in the beginning to be a speaker, but that God used her own need to show her how to minister to the needs of others.

“I started a Bible class so that I could be in it, but then I had to teach it. I’d never taught anything before, so I didn’t sense a particular call. I just wanted to get into God’s word. Probably three years into it, I could look back and see that I had been called, but at the time I didn’t ... even know what a call was,” Lotz said.

“I think calls aren’t necessarily handwriting on the wall or a lightning strike in the sky. Sometimes it’s just seeing a need and just rising up to answer that need.”

Lotz feels called to minister to women who want to be disciples of Jesus, and are not content with the many “superficial, emotional and experiental” events that are currently offered.

“It was out of my need that he gave me a heart’s cry for a revival for myself ... I desperately needed a fresh touch from him. So I offered arena revivals for women to get them deeper in their faith and also to give them a fresher challenge,” Graham said.

Lotz is the founder of AnGeL Ministries and has been speaking around the world for over 30 years, according to her Web site, and is best known for her book “Just Give Me Jesus.” For more information about Lotz or her ministry, visit

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