Dec 2, 2008

Famous quotes from the past year

by Opinion Editors

 “I missed one.”
Gary Householder Liberty’s Number 1 Fan said of his attendance at Liberty’s athletic events. To the best of everyone’s knowledge, including his, Householder has been at every event for an indeterminable amount of years, according to an Oct21 article by Drew Menard.

“My fellow lords and ladies would ride forth on their chocolate fox hunts, leaving a lonely king to build Lego castles by himseld (none of which were edible).”
Opinion Editor Tim Mattingly in his Oct. 28 humor editorial reflecting on the perils of growing up in a Halloween-less childhood.

“My heart sank.”
Mandi Sullivan, LIFE! Editor in a Sept. 23 article. Sullivan watched Hurricane Ike turn her hometown of Houston, Texas upside and demolish nearby Galveston. Her family was uninjured in the late September storm.

“You actually have to check your e-mail.”
Senior Travis Smith explaining one of the downfalls of the G1 in comparison to the iPhone in Tina Clark’s Nov. 11 article.

“Students do care to be challenged in what they think and are willing to hear brilliant new theories.”
Junior English major Jill Johnson commenting on the Oct. 9 lecture by Michael Ward, author of “Planet Narnia.” The event was sponsored by Liberty’s English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta and the article was written by Dominique McKay.

“They alleviate the stress of being rushed.”
Junior Tim Eller said of the benefits of the additional buses in Anthony Barone’s Sept. 9 article.

“I used to say he had no taste buds.”
Dr. Jim Moon in reference to his lifelong friend and Liberty’s founder Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell during a storytelling session last month and quoted in Emily DeFosse’s Nov. 18 article.

“They said 2,800 fans were there, but it felt like we had 5,000 fans.”
Freshman hockey defender Will Gable reacting to the standing-room only audience at the Oct. 17 victory over the Richmond Renegades. Liberty recovered from a 4-1 deficit to win 5-4, according to the Oct. 21 article by William Armstrong.

“The danger is that the same attitude will slowly seep into other aspects of students’ lives – ­the apathetic citizen is all too often an apathetic Christian as well.”
Fall 2008 Editor in Chief Jennifer Schmidt in her Sept. 23 From the Desk column. Part of the problem of apathy was solved as Liberty’s voting campaign registered more than 4,000 students.

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