Mar 30, 2010

Student voices on voting: City Council 2/23/10

by Champion Staff

Matt Mihelic

We did not come here lighthearted, for we recognize the greatness of freedom in a country that was designed for individual participation and freedom of speech.

We will vote because we believe in that freedom and this country. We believe that it was founded on those principles, and we believe that it is not in the best interest of our city that citizens have unsuitable places to vote on Election Day.

Liberty students are here tonight because, first of all, we believe in the ability and we believe in the right for American citizens to vote, and secondly, we believe in the City of Lynchburg, and we want what is best for the city. And what is best for the city is equal rights and for us all to be able to vote.

Amanda Haas

Liberty University is not by any means trying to take over the city or rule the politics of the way Lynchburg operates now, or trying to force any religious beliefs on them. That is not our intention, it has never been and it never will be.

My school and it’s administration merely wish to see students exercise their ability to vote, it’s our right to vote, and we plan on doing so. Our school does not tell us how to vote, regardless of the fact that it is a Christian school and we are mostly conservative, our school does not tell us how to vote, we just promote the right to vote as Americans.

Zach Martin

I am a student here at Liberty University, I have been here since 2006. I have roughly six more years of school left at Liberty, and I have no intention of leaving afterwards. So in relation to the statements that we will be leaving, and that we will only be here for four years maximum, I believe that’s false, for me and many of my fellow students who take more years to educate ourselves further.

I’ve lived in the City of Lynchburg since 2006, as previously mentioned. And I do consider it to be my home, and I do love Lynchburg, and I do love the citizens here, and we have participated in community service acts.

We are not coming here to move your furniture around, we’re coming here to participate with you, to grow with you.

Ciji Prosser

I was reading the notes from the city council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 16. I was somewhat taken aback by Councilman Johnson’s reference to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and when he ended with “Not just Falwell’s people, or Liberty University.”

In response I would like to state this question: What makes us as students any less important? All I’m trying to do is what you’ve asked me to do, which is exercise my civic duties.

I don’t consider it a crime to love the City of Lynchburg. This is where I live, this is where I work, this is where I study, this is where I personally contribute to this economy, this is where I vote and this is where I need representation.

The last thing we want you to do, or this city to believe, is that we are trying to rise up in this community as a political force. But we do want to continue to live peaceably, to continue our ministry in this community, and to know that we are being fairly represented by our local government.

Devon Karst

I love the people of Lynchburg, and I love this town, and us to be prosperous and I want for us to grow. I want us to be a town that is known to be different and stand out. I think that should be everyone’s desire here, since we’re all citizens of Lynchburg.

For this to happen, everyone has to have the opportunity to be involved. I want us to be able to come together and to have a positive experience here in Lynchburg, so I would like to ask you to please consider the best polling option for all the citizens of Lynchburg, for everyone, and I propose that we all work together to make this town more prosperous and to grow the great city of Lynchburg,

Israel Jackson

We want to be equally represented. That’s what we want. I know that many of us may lean to one side of the political spectrum and many of us may lean to another side of the political spectrum. But I think that we should be able to join together so that none of us here are being disenfranchised.

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