Nov 17, 2009

Off the canvas

by Claire Riss

The new Visual Communication of Arts (VCAR) gallery lit up Thursday night as four seniors displayed studio art representing their reflections on worship. From vibrant reds to mellow blues, the gallery was awash with color, allowing viewers to connect with the artists’ different forms of expression.

Kelly Levesque, Ondriana Deluca, Breanna Walker and Abi Fasciano, exhibited highlights of work they created during their time at Liberty, according to Levesque.

“I think it’s really cool … All of the paintings I saw had something to do with praising God,” junior Drew Jackson said.

Each student’s display began with a plaque describing their attitude toward art.

“Art [is] my avenue of worship to my King,” Deluca’s plaque read.

Deluca’s paintings included multiple scenery pieces and self-portrait, among other works. Her display was followed by Breanna Walker’s work, including many pieces, which held human emotion captive on the canvas. Fasciano’s colorful display came next followed by Levesque’s pieces, which ended the exhibit.

The show was followed by a reception in the adjacent room with live music and refreshments.

One of the pieces exhibited was a 36-piece collage created by Levesque titled “I’m Square and Blue.” Each piece of square canvas contained its own individual painting, but when combined with the rest of the squares, the complete picture was a smiling
self portrait of Levesque.

The exhibit also featured Levesque’s “Holes” series. Each canvas in the series contains a hole cut out of it signifying a particular sin. The string of paintings serves to reflect the voids caused by sin. Words such as “pride” and “vanity” were placed on each canvas to indicate insatiable sin.

For Levesque, refusing sin for a more beautiful existence is a daily routine.

“My artistic goal is to become a piece of clay every morning and let God form me into a work of art that pleases him,”
Levesque’s plaque read.

The exhibit is the second show to take place in the new gallery since the VCAR Department’s renovation over the summer.

“We are the first students exhibiting in the new … art gallery … so we feel very privileged,” Levesque said.

The exhibit is one of two open this month featuring Liberty students. “Exhibit 492” is showcasing work from more than 30 senior VCAR majors. The show is at the Riverviews Artspace Reading Room Gallery on Jefferson Street in downtown Lynchburg until Nov. 30.

The studio art exhibit will run until Thursday, Dec. 10. It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m., Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The new art gallery is located in SLAB 119.

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