Oct 6, 2009

Sushi adds variety to meal choices

by Cheryl Cooper

Located between the smooth coffee of Jazzman’s and the tempting aroma of Chick-fil-A in Founder’s Food Court, Southern Tsunami Sushi Bar offers a healthy and delicious alternative to the average Liberty student’s diet of ramen and caffeine.

Unlike Jazzman’s and Café a la Carte, Tsunami Sushi is not associated with Sodexo, but by Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corporation (AFC). AFC’s mission is to supply their busy customers with diverse and unique meals that promote a healthy lifestyle, according to afcsushi.com. This is done by providing fresh, daily-made sushi in a ready-to-go container, which can be enjoyed on the spot or in the dormitories.

Tsunami Sushi makes a wide variety of sushi, ranging from a spicy salmon roll to the classic California roll. Employee Kevin Khin enjoys showing off the various kinds of sushi he and his co-workers make, including chicken tempura roll and the crunchy shrimp roll, which is his personal favorite. Students can also request special orders, according to Khin.

Many students may feel squeamish about eating raw fish, or worry about the health concerns that come from eating raw meat in general. However, sushi is entirely safe to eat.

“This is not like the fish from the seafood department,” Khin said. “It’s prepared sushi-grade. They make it safe to eat.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines state that most of the kinds of fish found in sushi such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail and eel must be frozen before it can be served raw. The flash-freezing process effectively kills all of the bacteria and possible parasites that can be found in raw fish.

Tsunami Sushi conveniently delivers their sushi to four other locations on campus: the Keyhole, Café a la Cart in DeMoss, Jazzman’s and the Tilley Student Center’s Café.

Anna Gicker, a Liberty student who decided to eat some of the sushi for lunch Thursday afternoon at Founder’s Food Court, does not seem put off by the idea of raw fish at all.

“I love sushi, so I’ve had it lots of different places,” Gicker said. “It (Tsunami Sushi) is pretty good. If you get it right when they’ve made it … it’s fresh, it’s OK.”

Liberty students do not have to pay a heavier price for the convenience of having fresh sushi on campus. Osaka Japanese Express Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant located on Fort Avenue, also serves sushi. Gicker said the prices for sushi, off- and on-campus, are fairly similar.

“(The price of the sushi) is pretty comparative,” Gicker said. “I wouldn’t say that it’s that much cheaper (on campus).”
AFC’s primary concern is how nutritious their sushi is.

“Sushi, like seafood, may be one of the best sources of nutrition available to us,” afcsushi.com says. “Packed with protein, dense with nutrients and often low in fat, sushi is an excellent way to enjoy a meal regardless of one’s dietary lifestyle choice.”

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